Try Not To Get Eaten By The Merciless Monsters In Board Game Fearsome Floors

1. Introduction

Fearsome Floors is where you have to run for your life across a scary dungeon, and yes you have to also take care of your family members in this escape from the merciless monsters.

2. Components

– 1 game board

– 17 floor tiles: 11 stones, 4 teleporters, 2 blood pools

– 8 monster movement tiles

– 1 starting player tile

– 25 tokens in 7 colors for up to 7 players

– 1 monster building kit

3. Setting up

– Lay down the game board of Fearsome Floors in the middle of where you would sit down and play then shuffle the monster movement tiles before playing, set them face down next to the board.

Each player will be gieven 3-4 tokens depends on the total number of players. Tokens of one player have the same color on one side and have figures on their two sides make a combination of 7 (6/1, 4/3, 3/4, and 2/5). Place all tokens at the starting point with the white-colored side face up.


– Create the monster by using the pieces and place it by the exit with it facing the M letter on the wall of the board.

4. How to play

Each game of Fearsome Floors has two stages:

– In the first stage, players (token) that get ‘eaten’ by the monster can ‘resurrect’ at the starting point to start playing all over again. The first stage will end when 7 monster movement tiles are drawn and used.

Ending of stage 1 is the beginning of stage 2 and all the monster movement tiles will then be reshuffled. In this last stage, tokens are not allowed to re-enter the game.

And there are two playing phases:

Phase 1: Moving players’ tokens

Each player takes turns to move his/her token. Players can only move one token per turn except for the first turn of the game when they can move two.

Upon completing the movement, the player will flip the token upside down to reveal the figure on the other side which represents the numbers of steps that player can take next turn. So how far each player can really get in one turn depends on those numbers.


* Remember that:

– Tokens can be moved vertically and horizontally but not diagonally

– One token can jump over another

– One player’s turn must end with his/her token being on an empty space

– Token cannot jump over the monster

– Rocks as obstacles can be pushed back if there’s nothing behind it

– When one token reaches a “blood pool”, it can slide to the space beyond the blood pool, in a straight line, with one single movement point

 Phase 2: Moving the monster

In the first turn of the game, the monster will be placed by the exit. Monster movement tiles drawn at the end of each turn will decide how far the monster can reach.

There are 8 monster movement tiles: 5 – 7 – 7 – 8 – 8 – 10 – 1 hit – 2 hit. If “1 hit” or “2 hit” tiles are drawn, the monster can move freely to eat 1/2 tokens but the number of steps cannot exceed 20.

The monster is able to look straight ahead, to the left and to the right but it doesn’t look backwards and diagonal. If the monster sees no token by facing those 3 abovementioned directions it will move until it sees one and when it reaches the token’s position, the token is done for.

The monster cannot see beyond the rocks but can push the rocks back, if there’s someone behind the rocks when the monster push them, he/she is considered dead. With its power, the monster can push back everything in front of it except for the blood pools.

5. Endgame

If a player successfully moves his/her tokens to the exit, the game conclues, he/she wins the game. If the game has 2-4 players, 3 tokens at the exit are required. If the game has 5-7 players, only 2 tokens are required.

The game also ends during the second stage if all tokens are eaten by the monster, at this point, the winner will be the one with the most tokens make it to the exit.

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