Overwatch 2nd Anniversary Event Info Leaked

Event details regarding the 2nd Overwatch Anniversary event leaked on the official Brazilian Overwatch Twitter account! A video appeared on the account showing the official start date for the event as May 22 and also showcased a new pirate skin for Junkrat. After a short while, it was quickly taken down.

Luckily, some dedicated Reddit fans

managed to capture the video and uploaded it on to YouTube. Have an early look at the new skin here:

That new Junkrat skin is pretty stylin’ if I do say so myself. The eyepatch, swords, and prosthetic leg look so spot on – I MUST get it!

Although the clip is a bit short, it does also note that items and other content from previous events will make a return for the anniversary. This bit of info as well as the skin is essentially all we get from the video.

Going by last year’s event where 11 new skins and 3 new arena maps were released, there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing a quite a few new skins in addition to Junkrat’s and possibly a some new maps as well.

One of the biggest gripes with the 1st anniversary was how expensive some of the items were and despite the negative feedback, Blizzard didn’t make any changes. Jeff Kaplan did come out and address the issue, but essentially just said they were “looking into it.” Given all of the complaints from last year, hopefully Blizzard decides to make some adjustments to the 2nd anniversary event.




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