Sony Details Plans For ‘Big Four’ Exclusives At E3 Showcase

Sony Plans To Treat Us At E3 2018

With E3 just a few tantalizing weeks away, Sony has date-stamped its 2018 PlayStation E3 showcase and provided concrete information about what’s in store. In a move that goes against the traditional announcement etiquette adopted by the company in the past, Sony has opted to detail the titles set for coverage this year.

The showcase is on June 11th at 6 PM PST, broadcast live from E3 in Los Angeles to the usual streaming platforms YouTube, Switch, and Facebook as well as a live feed on the PlayStation website. PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios have planned exclusive coverage of what its chairman Shawn Layden has labelled the ‘big four’ PS4 exclusives. These are The Last of Us Part II, which comes as no surprise to anyone remotely interested in the gaming world, Hideo Kojima’s already enigmatic Death Stranding, hotly anticipated Ghost of Tsushima, and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Sony Plans To Treat Us At E3 2018

We also learned from today’s edition of the PlayStation Blogcast, that no hardware is set to be covered or even revealed. The focus is truly on the games themselves and Layden promises a fresh take on how Sony communicates game details during E3, though as for what this entails, he remained vague promising ‘great content’ and ‘fantastic updates’.

Sony Plans To Treat Us At E3 2018

Additionally, a post on PlayStation.Blog confirms announcements for other titles linked to Sony, be they from third-party publishers or independent developers. In Sony’s words, these releases are the output of teams ‘who are all busy devising innovative new experiences that will make your heart race and your emotions soar.’

More information will be released via PlayStation.Blog as the showcase date approaches. In the meantime, we’ll re-watch that trailer for Death Stranding. You know, the one with the baby in the portable incubator and that disintegrating gold-faced mummy. Yes, that one.

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