Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate On Switch August 28

Capcom will be releasing their first Monster Hunter game for the Nintendo Switch this August, on the 28th. The game is a follow up to the original Monster Hunter Generations released in 2016. The new game was already released in Japan under the name Monster Hunter Generations XX, but now non-Japanese fans can enjoy the long awaited sequel for the original Generations.

According to the trailer, you will be able to transfer your data from the original Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS to the new game on the Switch. The game will also bring back the Hunter Arts feature that was included in the original one, a unique feature on the 3DS that could be executed by a tap on the touchscreen. Furthermore players can choose between 6 unique hunting styles, two of which are actually new to the game and were explained in the official press release

. These are the Alchemy Style, which allows the player to create items while in the middle of combat, and the Brave Style, which rewards aggressive play by granting new moves for successive hits. The game will also come with online multiplayer, both local or online where you complete quests with up to 4 people.


The game will feature the typical Monster Hunter gameplay that fans of the series have come to love. You take on quests to hunt specific monsters, and with the loot and crafting materials gained from the quest you can upgrade your gear, so that you can take on bigger quest with more dangerous monsters. The combat in the game is tactical and methodical, you need to learn and anticipate every move and attack of the monster you’re hunting so you can respond to his attacks with your own counters while dodging out of any dangerous attack the monster throws at you.

After the success of Monster Hunter World, the series has taken off big in western countries. Since Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a port of a 3DS game, don’t expect the same grandiose world and stunning monsters as in World, but if you’re a fan of the original series or a new fan looking for a new Monster Hunter experience, this game might be worth keeping your eye on.


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