Trailer For Sea of Thieves – The Hungering Deep Scheduled for Next Week

Developer Update Teases New Sea of Thieves Content

Originally announced in April, Sea of Thieves content update The Hungering Deep was today teased in a developer update.

Executive producer Joe Neate explains that the developer team has been split into three, each covering one of the three announced DLCs intended to broaden sea-faring possibilities and general pirating antics within the game. The Hungering Deep is to be delivered in a novel fashion according to Neate, including mechanics revealed through puzzles and player interaction. A trailer for The Hungering Deep

and a firm release date will be revealed at some point next week.

From a blog post

last month, we know The Hungering Deep centers on a new AI threat that can only be defeated through crew collaboration and the use of brand new mechanics, with unique rewards for the victors.

Sea Of Thieves’ official release was marred with controversy with fans crying out that the open-world pirate free-for-all lacked depth and content. Rare have taken the criticism to heart and are keen on providing new content to develop what is widely regarded as a phenomenal core concept. Neate makes clear that their vision is focused on the long term and on how they plan to transform the game moving forward.

Developer Update Teases New Sea of Thieves Content

The video also covered an update planned for today that was delayed due to niggling issues affecting PC players and is now scheduled for next week. The patch includes cosmetic additions and rejigging of existing set prices, including refunds for those who’ve already purchased the offending items. Additionally, eights sets are being removed after players weren’t convinced by the lack of variety between them.

Private matchmaking sees the light of day as well, allowing players to effectively restrict pirates from auto-joining their crew in an unwarranted manner. The addition should in theory combat a growing concern over passive players who join ships with the sole intent of improving their gold count without helping with the sailing duties. Players can now ensure that their crew is solely made up of friends.

Gamertags will no longer appear when players are underwater to encourage stealthier game play, and you can now exchange resources, like bananas and canons, with other players. Beyond the above, weekly events are in the works and Rare plan to place more emphasis on these following the release of The Hungering Deep.

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