New Neo Geo Mini Just Announced by SNK

Neo Geo Mini

Rejoice retro game fans, SNK has recognized our existence and is putting together a special console called “Neo Geo Mini” that will come bundled with 40 different old school games.

Similar to how the SNES Classic had two versions, one for the Japanese market and an international one, the Neo Geo Mini will also have two versions upon release.

Neo Geo Mini Japan
Here’s the Japanese Edition. 
Neo Geo Mini International
And here’s the international one. 

What’s the rationale behind this? As there were certain games that originally never made its way overseas, out of the 21 games featured on the SNES classic, 5 games differed depending upon the version. I’m guessing the Neo Geo Mini will approach the issue in the same way.

SNK hasn’t released any information yet as to what games will be included in the 40, but we can still speculate based upon the games featured in the released images: KoF ’97, KoF ’98, Metal Slug, Metal Slug IIReal Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers, Samurai Shodown II, and Samurai Shodown V Special. These were all great games and I would be very surprised if they weren’t included in the mini.

Neo Geo Mini Dimensions
The dimensions of the New Geo Mini are: 135 mm × 108 mm x 162 mm. Weighs 600 grams. 

Given the wildly successful SNES Classic Edition, you’d think that all major console and game manufacturers would by now see that the market for retro games is pretty huge and jump on the bandwagon to produce more retro products. Somehow, it seems that either they don’t fully get it, or they’re trying to come up with a more lucrative way of profiting off this demand.

Though no information regarding pricing has been released yet, if we look at the SNES Classic Edition as a base, it came with 21 games, 2 controllers, and sold for about $80. With Neo Geo Mini featuring 40 games, let’s hope to see a price that makes sense comparatively speaking.


Image Source: SNK

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