Nintendo Releases Accolades Trailer For Labo

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is a a brilliant little kit combining the Switch/Joy-Con with plain pieces of cardboard and transforms them into interactive pianos, fishing rods, and other nifty gadgets. Now we’ve got another look at some of the upcoming features this innovative kit has in store.

Nintendo Labo
Image Source: Nintendo

It’s without a doubt the most innovative way to utilize a console and controller that I’ve ever seen. With Nintendo’s recent release of their Accolades Trailer, I’m happy that a lot of other media companies have also taken notice of the amazing job they’ve done with the Labo. See for yourself what some of the biggest names in the biz are saying about it.

The UPS was so impressed with it that they even made a video directed at Nintendo and shared it on their official Twitter page.

Super cool right? Currently, Nintendo has only two different sets of the Labo available for purchase: the variety kit and the robot kit. The variety kit costs $69.99 USD comes with five different projects for you and the kids to work on:

  • Two Toy-Con RC Cars
  • Toy-Con Fishing Rod
  • Toy-Con House
  • Toy-Con Motorbike
  • Toy-Con Piano

Here’s Nintendo’s video showcasing the variety kit in action.

With the $79.99 USD robot kit, you can build a cardboard backpack and visor that allows you to control a giant on-screen robot. Here’s the official video demonstrating what it looks like.

This easily looks like the most family friendly product Nintendo has ever come up with. Given all the positive reviews that it has received so far, they’re probably hard at work coming up with even more Labo products. I can’t wait to see what ideas they come out with next!

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