Skyrim Supplemental Patch Is Skyrim’s Newest Must-Have Mod

Skyrim’s modding scene has always been one of adventure, amazement and slight perplexity – you can find everything from Thomas the Tank Engine Dragon Replacements to simple fixes and tweaks.

The latest in the latter category has just released, the Skyrim Supplemental Patch. This supplemental patch is aimed at fixing items and objects that have been wrongly placed and positioned.

This might sound a bit confusing for those not aware of the myriad issues within Skyrim, but a whole variety of object positioning, NPC placement and just general object orientation is incredibly lacking. You can find some great examples by just wandering around the forest or towns and realizing that things aren’t quite where they should be.

With this Supplemental Patch, every single object that could be considered to be out of place with the world – from poorly positioned benches, all the way to Dragons that sit atop mountains just a little bit wrong.

This patch has been designed alongside the famous USLEEP, or the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, the must-have additional patch to Skyrim that fixes an absolutely monstrous quantity of bugs left in by the developers. Seriously, if you haven’t already downloaded USLEEP, please do so immediately right here.

The Skyrim Supplemental Patch doesn’t require USLEEP, nor does it base any of its code upon it, but if you’re the type of person who enjoys ensuring their games are the most bug-free as possible, getting this Supplemental Patch is a necessity.

This patch also proves that the modding community of this fantastic game – which is seven years old by the way – will never stop creating new and fantastic additions to this frequently played game. It’s hard to find a single month since the modding tools were released that a fantastic mod hasn’t been made available.

Skyrim, despite its age, is always being played somewhere in the world, so having a huge quantity of amazing mods at your disposal – whether they change the magic system or simply make it so you can starve to death – can only be a good thing.

Download the Skyrim Supplemental Patch right here.


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