Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta: New Features and Content Impressions

Stardew Valley Mutiplayer Beta Update

To the delight of devout fans, the new Stardew Valley multiplayer beta update was released earlier this week. Beyond the expected implementation of four player co-op, a selection of new content, features, and changes was introduced.

Having sunk a fair few joyous hours into 1.3 beta, we’ve racked up first hand experience of the fresh additions to ConcernedApe’s critically acclaimed title. Though not revolutionary in terms of game play and story line, they provide added flourish that is enough to coax back dedicated and casual players alike.

Events and Characters

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta

New friendship and heart events – the charming little character cut scenes that pepper the game – are now available for Linus, Willy, Alex, Krobus, Vincent, the Wizard, Dwarf, and Jas. You can even converse with the helpful hoard of junimos on your farm. Dinosaur mayonnaise is now craftable and Evelyn gifts a recipe for garden pots capable of nurturing any crop indoors, regardless of season.


In a peculiar twist  to what we’ve become accustomed to in Stardew Valley, 1.3 introduces a less forgiving romantic life. The chance meeting of two ten heart characters (i.e. two girlfriends/boyfriends) leads to a rather awkward exchange and a suitably realistic drop in hearts for both suitors.

Visit Robin’s shop to unlock a new community upgrade allowing you to rid Pam of that dingy old trailer and build her a home worthy of the name. The price is high, but your clout about town is sure to skyrocket by helping its most embittered inhabitant.

From the 15th to the 17th of the winter season, a night market event takes place at the docks. A flotilla of merchant ships lower anchor around Willy’s shack and a variety of different items are on sale. These include seeds, new character Lupini’s paintings, decorations, and furniture, as well as a free coffee.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta Deep-Sea Fishing

Visiting the mermaid boat during the night market triggers a cut-scene starring a dulcet-toned mermaid, leading to a new puzzle to solve. In addition, you can embark on a deep-sea fishing expedition with the submarine Captain, allowing you to catch three new varieties of fish.


Quality of Life Improvements

Some quality of life improvements are available in the Stardew Valley multiplayer beta, such as the auto grabber tool available at Marnie’s Ranch. It allows you to easily collect produce from farm animals. Upon selecting the tracker profession in the skill tree, panning spots are now highlighted around the map with a green arrow. You can also deck out your farm with extra shipping bins, available at Robin’s shop, greatly speeding up harvesting in the later stages of the game.

Laying in bed now grants renewed energy; a much needed boost for those marathon days spent on the farm or in the mines. In the same vein, the benefits of consuming coffee no longer run out at midnight. Finally, the Statue of Uncertainty in the sewers can reset your skill tree for any of the professions, but expect to pay a hefty fee for the pleasure.

The Stardew Valley multiplayer beta update rounds things off with cosmetic changes that include the ability to adorn your horse with a hat. New season specific furniture is now sold at Sandy’s Oasis shop in the Calico Desert. The wares on offer at various shops around the map have also changed with new fireplaces at Robin’s, an assortment of plush toys at the egg festival, and some uncompromisingly mysterious furnishings available from Krobus.

If you’ve yet to sample the Stardew Valley multiplayer beta in all its splendor, head over to the Stardew Valley developer blog for a quick opt in guide.

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