Dusty Depot Finally Fixed By Muselk

Fortnite Dusty Depot

Well it finally happened, Dusty Depot was fixed up by Muselk and 16 other dedicated players! Posted by u/Messyindiana on Muselk’s behalf, this Reddit thread has a clip of the team going at this crazy dream, despite the fact some try-hards attempted to stop them. What’s even more impressive is the group managed to finish this enormous task almost simultaneously with the zone coming in. Here’s a screen cap of the finished structure along with the zone making its way over it.

Fortnite Dusty Depot
That’s some timing! Can you imagine if the zone came in 1 minute earlier?

Though the video in the thread goes through a detailed explanation of their construction strategy, one of the things you don’t see is what the view from beneath it looked like. No worries, here’s a clip shared by u/burnshady that allows you to see just that.

Makes you wonder though, if the whole thing is covered up, how’s that rain getting down there?

If there was an official list of all time greatest Fortnite construction masterpieces, this one would definitely be up there. Just look at the stats of this thing:

Fortnite Dusty Depot

This is so impressive it warrants a complete watch. Want to see the whole thing as it happened? Muselk uploaded the video from his stream to his Youtube page. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Although technically, someone covered Loot Lake before Muselk, it was done on a private private match so it doesn’t really count. Maybe this will be next up Muselk’s “to do” list?

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