Get Hyped For MSI 2018! Starting Today!

The League of Legends Mid Season Invitational is starting in a few hours, and the hype for the tournament is really starting to heat up. In a few hours the first week will start which will be an all out brawl between the teams from smaller regions to claim the last 2 remaining slots for the tournament. Teams to watch out for this week are Supermassive Esports from Turkey, EVOS Esports from Vietnam and Kabum! from Brazil.

Next week is when the real tournament will start and the strongest teams from each region will duke it out to show the world who’s the best. The favorite teams are definitely Korea’s Kingzone DragonX and China’s Royal Never Give Up. Although MSI is mostly an event for entertainment purposes, it still shows valuable insight in how the different regions measure up to each other and gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from Worlds 2018.

Hope For The West

With both Fnatic and Team Liquid looking stronger than ever, the expectations are high and although the Asian teams are looking as dominant as always, western fans have hope for a victory over the east. Today that hope was elevated, as it has been announced that sOAZ will be able to play for Fnatic.

Due to a hand injury, top lane star player sOAZ was unable to compete in the EU Spring Playoffs. This came as a shock to the fan base since he has been a valuable player for the team due to his consist top tier play and is one of League’s oldest players. His hand has unexpectedly healed to the point where he is able to play again and sOAZ himself has said that he has played a few scrims already. He noted though, that he will probably not be the starting player, but this news is most definitely a great morale boost to the whole team.

War For Best AD Carry

Despite the marksman or AD carry role being perceived as weak for a long time, the MSI 2018 brings out 4 top of the league AD carry players that are looking to claim the title of best AD carry. These players are Team Liquid’s Doublelift, Fnatic’s Rekkles, Kingzone DragonX’s Pray and most notably, Royal Never Gives Up’s Uzi. All of them have been hailed as the best AD carries in the world and this tournament will finally show us which of them truly deserve that title. If you weren’t hyped up enough for the tournament than this is definitely a reason why you should be. Never before in the history of League has there been an opportunity like this one to watch the best AD carries in the world fight it out over the title.

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