‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Trailer 3 Shows No Gameplay Footage Yet Again

Red Dead Redemption may not be the most successful series of Rockstar Games – being famous for its ‘flagship’ Grand Theft Auto or the classic Max Payne titles, but still, Red Dead is a successful series, beloved by worldwide fans. The series reached its peak with Red Dead Redemption, having permanent and high rank on Best Video Games lists of sites like GamesRadarPopularMechanics ….

Red Dead Redemption was an instant hit, raked in a lot of awards in 2010, the year it was released. Eight years later, it’s not a surprise that everyone is paying attention to Red Dead Redemption 2‘s launch. And with that attention, comes some disappointment.

Yesterday, Rockstar Games released the third trailer of Red Dead Redemption 2 and it featured no gameplay footage, yet again.

Following the quite similar path of the first two trailers, the third trailer of Red Dead Redemption 2 does not reveal any gameplay of the game. This makes fans curious and nervous at the same time, many wondering if Rockstar Games will ever release a gameplay trailer prior to the game’s launch.

But, this time, fans get to know much more about the game’s timeline, background and characters. The following lines is Rockstar Games’ description for the trailer posted on Youtube: “America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw gangs. Those who will not surrender or succumb are killed. After a robbery goes badly wrong in the western town of Blackwater, Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang are forced to flee. With federal agents and the best bounty hunters in the nation massing on their heels, the gang must rob, steal and fight their way across the rugged heartland of America in order to survive. As deepening internal divisions threaten to tear the gang apart, Arthur must make a choice between his own ideals and loyalty to the gang who raised him.”

So Red Dead Redemption 2 will be exactly a prequel, its events will take place before what fans have already known in Red Dead Redemption.

A cutscene in trailer #3 of Red Dead Redemption 2

Despite that the trailer does not satisfy all of the series’ fans when no gameplay was shown, it was still well received by many others, including Youtube commenters and news sites. But in fact, there’s still time, let’s hope for something different from Rockstar Games some time between now and Red Dead Redemption 2‘s launch.

The game will be on stores from October 26th this year, which is also confirmed in the trailer, but fans can now preorder via the official page of Rockstar.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 just as Red Dead Redemption was released on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This and the fact that no more words from the publisher regarding the game’s release on PC so far leave PC gamers stranded. But as Rockstar’s titles are often also released on PC eventually, PC gamers shouldn’t be too disappointed quite yet.

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