Top 11 Final Fantasy Brave Exvius FFBE Unit Combos For 10 Man Trials

FFBE Rain and Lasswell
Image Source: Dualshockers

A game like “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” appeals to gamers for a lot of different reasons. Some people play it for the nostalgia factor, others enjoy collecting all the units/gear, and others are eager to see what happens next in the story. I definitely enjoy all these aspects of it, but if you had to ask me what my favorite part of the game is and what I look forward to most with each update, I’d say without a moments hesitation that it’s the 10-man trials.

There’s nothing like the thrill of testing your team against a new big boss monster. No duplicate units, no friend helper, and only 5 units at a time – sounds like fun to me! With no dupes or friend units, creating a good team composition becomes even more important. Ideally, you are looking for units that can fill a variety of roles to maximize slot efficiency. Here’s a look at my top 10 unit combos that  you might want to consider bringing for these trials:

Physical Attackers

1. Tidus and Camille

Tidus FFBE
Tidus is currently one of the top physical damage dealers. Image Source: Final Fantasy Wikia

With Camille’s recently released 6-star form, she can use Swift Tidal Attack to perfect chain with Tidus’ Quick Trick. Not only does she become Tidus’ first perfect chaining partner with this ability, but she also patches up one of the holes in his kit – bringing an on-demand 50% water imperil. Aside from chaining, Camille comes with a lot of neat utility moves such as a 50% DEF/SPR with 70% wind resist buff and a Curaga-level heal with a 70% fire resist buff. Throw in the fact that Tidus does boatloads of damage with his new enhancements as well as has entrust, you’ve got yourself a pretty versatile pair of chainers.


2. Aileen and Camille

In my humble opinion, 6-star Camille is definitely one of the best 3-star base units in the game. In addition to perfect chaining with Tidus, she also perfect chains with enhanced Aileen. Enhanced Aileen also brings to the table a respectable 3-turn AoE heal that also increases that LB fill gauge of the team by 50%. Again, lots of utility and damage with this pair.

3. Yun and Nyx

Yes, Yun is a limited time unit, but for those that have him, he makes a great chaining partner with Nyx. With enhancements, Yun gets a 60% chance to ignore fatal damage twice if he’s above 30% HP. Coupled with his innate 20% evasion, he becomes a hard to kill DPS unit. Both Yun and Nyx also have innate dual wield, allowing you to throw an ATK + materia or accessory (instead of one providing dual wield) further boosting their already considerable ATK. Since these two don’t have the exact same frame data, check out Bismark’s chaining tool for help with getting it done right.

4. Orlandeau / Veritas of the Dark/ Agrias / Fryevia

This family of chainers just keeps on growing, doesn’t it? With Fryevia’s latest enhancements, she can now chain with the other three while also bringing a huge 75%  ice-imperil. If you equip any of the others with the ice katana Hyomonto, you’ll get some crazy damage numbers. Considering that her damage is hybrid, you can even deal good damage to enemies with high defense. Personally, I feel that she’s best paired with Orlandeau, as he brings a respectable 5-turn 45% ATK/MAG break.

Magical Chainers

5. Christine and Trance Terra

Trance Terra FFBE
Trance Terra, currently one of the top damaging magic chainers in FFBE. Image Source: Final Fantasy Wikia

The most damaging magic duo at the moment, Christine’s Snow Burial and TT’s Chaos Wave Awakened generate a 39 hit chain that dishes out an absurd amount of pain. Aside from the big numbers, they don’t bring much utility to the team except for Christine’s ice imperils so you’ll probably need some stellar support units to keep them safe.


6. Ashe and Grim Lord Sakura

Though not a 10-man trial, this was the combo that got me through Wicked Moon. Ashe’s Heaven’s Fury perfect chains with GL Sakura’s Grim – Soul Barrage as well as providing your team with a small heal. GL Sakura brings a large selection of useful abilities to trials. Her Undying Fervor abilities grants an AoE 100% break resistance buff as well as protecting your team from paralyze, confuse, and petrify for three turns. Additionally, she can AoE buff lightning, light, and dark resistance by 50%. Her variety of utility moves as well as large damage solidifies her as a top 10-man trial pick.

7. Barbariccia and Shantotto

Barbi and Shantotto can chain Tornado to generate a pretty lengthy chain, but the best thing about this combo is that Barbi can cap the chain with her own Aeroja leading to a big damage spike. Aside from her wind damaging spells, she can also provide your party with a sizeable AoE heal and MP refresh over 3 turns.

Utility and Tank Combos

8. Chow/Mystea and Wilhelm/Cagnazzo

Magic cover tank and provoke tank make for a strong defensive duo allowing you to protect your DPS units and healer from most forms of damage. In most cases, Chow and Wilhelm will be better picks than Mystea/Cagnazzo as their 5-star base stats make them more durable, but at the end of the day, we all gotta use what we have. Some particular facts to note: Mystea has a 100% status ailment resist buff that Chow doesn’t have and enhanced Wilhelm has a +70% DEF/SPR AoE buff if you’re lacking a defensive buffer.

9. Soleil and Illusionist Nichol

As I mentioned in my earlier post about evade builds, a 100% evade Soleil combined with iNichol creates an extraordinarily powerful combo that allows you to have 120% buffs to all stats, 35% breaks of your choice, and an AoE cover tank simply with these two units. When he isn’t casting Illusionist – Redirect, iNichol can be using his LB which grants an AoE HP and MP refresh as well as negating 2 physical damage attacks across 3 turns. Definitively one of the contenders for best overall combo units currently in the game.

10. Marie and Any -aja Mage

With Marie’s LB Magical Prism, she can reflect any spell cast on your party. If you start stacking -aja spells such as Thundaja, Aeroja, and Waterja, and then upon reaching full stacks, target your own reflected party members, it’ll do damage multiplied by the number of your party members! This will lead to even bigger numbers when you factor in imperils, breaks, and buffs.

11. Marie and Any Healer with Reraise + Xon

This one is more of a gimmick as it’s very situational and the situations where it is useful are quite few and far between. Still, it’s extremely cool to see. Here’s how it works. You use Marie’s LB to have reflect on your team. After that, you cast reraise on your team which because of reflect, makes it wind up as an enemy buff. Lastly, use Xon’s Twist of Fate and voila! You’ve instantly reraised your entire team!

In my opinion, these are some of the best combos currently available given our pool of units. As we get more units added to the pool, a ton of new combos will surely open up as well. Hope you guys found this list helpful!

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