FFBE Top 3 Evade Units and BiS Builds

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I’ve been playing Final Fantasy games for a long time. I still have my original “Final Fantasy” II and III (or 4 and 6 in Japan) cartridges for the SNES! So back in 2015 when I heard they were making a new FF game for Android/IOS which would contain characters from all the previous games, I just had to start playing. So yeah, I’m a day 1 player of “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.” Aside from a small intermission last Easter, I’ve essentially been playing nonstop. It’s really the first mobile game that I’ve gotten into.

As a veteran f2p player, I’m really excited about the Garuda raid going on right now and you should be too. If you’re like me and don’t have all the equipment pieces to build a 100% evade tank, this raid is amazing as you can easily get 25% evade just by getting a copy of Yda’s TMR Spirit of Freedom (10%) and the craftable True Spirit of Freedom (15%).

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We’ve already had a few trials such as Gilgamesh and the recent Aranea one where having a 100% evade tank made it an insta-win. In the future, though it’s possible Gumi might throw in more bosses with hybrid attacks to negate the efficiency of 100% evade builds, it’s definitely still worth getting the equipment pieces just in case. With these types of games, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


With this raid, I was finally be able to build a 100% evade Warrior of Light. Here’s the F2P friendly BiS evade build utilizing no 5 star or even 4 star TMRs:

Warrior of Light 6★

Right hand: Defender ATK+65
Left hand: Demon Shield DEF+43
Head: Raven Beret DEF+16
Body: Assassin’s Vest DEF+40, SPR+20
Accessory 1: Twenty-sided Die
Accessory 2: Lucky Bangles DEF+10, SPR+10
Materia 1: Spirit of Freedom ATK+15%
Materia 2: Evade
Materia 3: Evade
Materia 4: True Spirit of Freedom ATK+20%
Total: HP:5006, MP:230, ATK:281, DEF:309, MAG:156, SPR:216

Here is a link to the build using Lyrgard’s FFBE Equip.

If you don’t have Defender, you can also substitute it with Wing Edges, Zwill Crossblade, or Kiyomori (which I happened to miss out on due to the aforementioned break I took last year). Despite the fact that all of these weapons are from limited time events, most veteran players should have at least one of them.

For fights where you don’t need AoE cover and a provoke tank would suffice, a 100% evade Lightning could be an amazing asset to your team. Now that she’s available as a Rookie Quest reward, she’s accessible to everyone.

Lightning 6★

Right hand: Swordbreaker ATK+43
Accessory 1: Moogle Plushie Def+25, SPR+25
Accessory 2: Twenty-sided Die
Materia 1: Evade
Materia 2: Evade
Materia 3: Spirit of Freedom
Materia 4: True Spirit of Freedom ATK+20%
Esper: Golem HP+55, MP+43, ATK+32, DEF+45, MAG+16, SPR+16
Total: HP:4933, MP:275, ATK:337, DEF:201, MAG:169, SPR:166

Here’s the link

for this build. For some odd reason, Moogle Plushie isn’t showing up in their database. If you’re interested in seeing the full details of this item, check out FFBE wiki’s link.

Moogle Plushie gives an additional 30%, so with Golem’s provoke, she gets a 100% of being targeted. Considering that we recently just had a raid dropping Moogle Plushie 5% moogles, most of us should have at least one of these TMRs.

As Lightning has 30% innate evade, she doesn’t really need too many items to reach 100%. That’s why I left a lot of the item slots blank so you can throw in whatever items you have to complete the build. With this setup, you’ve got a Lightning that can tank all single hit attacks and at the same time, counter like crazy generating tons of LB crysts for your team. If you enhance her, she can also throw out a 75% lightning imperil. If you managed to farm up Rikku’s pouch, you can slap that on her too further increasing her utility.

Have last Halloween’s limited Nichol?

Nichol FFBE
Image Source: FFBE Official Site

If so, you’ve got yourself a ton of different evade tank options. Since one of his unique abilities allows him to turn anyone into a cover tank, Soleil becomes one of the top F2P picks for an evade tank.

As with Lightning, enhanced Soleil has innate 30% evasion meaning that getting her to 100% is extremely easy. Here’s a bare bones build giving you 100% evade.

Soleil 6★

Right hand: Swordbreaker ATK+43
Accessory 1: Twenty-sided Die
Materia 1: Evade
Materia 2: Evade
Materia 3: Spirit of Freedom ATK+15%
Materia 4: True Spirit of Freedom ATK+20%
Esper: Siren HP+54, MP+62, ATK+42, DEF+46, MAG+61, SPR+61
Total: HP:3994, MP:408, ATK:272, DEF:191, MAG:208, SPR:261

Again, I left a lot of them item slots blank so you can customize it based upon the gear you have available. Here’s the FFBE Equip link for it.

With iNichol giving Soleil AoE cover, she can do her complete dance rotation buffing your team’s ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR by 120% while still tanking all of the enemy’s AoE physical attacks. Sigh… iNichol was truly a game changing character and every time I think about it, I get reminded of my failure to pull him even after throwing every ticket I had on him.

Hope my fellow FFBE players found this post helpful. With time dwindling on the Garuda raid, make sure you grind out at least one True Spirit of Freedom and one regular Spirit of Freedom!


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