Six Shining Stars of the MOBA Scene

With the proliferation of MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games on the market, there’s no doubt that some stars of this genre shine brighter than others. After scouring through AAA brands like League of Legends, to small fry mobile games like Arena of Valour, here’s who we think are the six top shining stars of the MOBA scene.

1. Taka – “Vainglory”

This bitchin’ ninja is but a free hero, yet he is unseemly popular with Vainglory players. Taka’s sneaky litheness is a boon for all those who play as him. Those against him? Not so much. This guy is hella iconic because Taka is simply superb at killing someone and poofing into thin air in zero seconds flat. He’s also probably from Kansas, because his farming capabilities are out of this world, making level-ups a breeze.

2. Scadia – “War Song”


Scadia is an icy mage effective whether in a team or fighting solo. Like any other mage, she possesses quite the damage quotient, and her preferred kill method is slowing down the enemy’s perception of time (a la Fallout) and/or stunning them. If you can combine all her skills, your enemy is confirmed plus chop history. Her mana usage is also very light, solidified by the fact that her passive skills give off hella mana. Especially after a thrice-strike on your target. All this makes her a shining star, as well as a War Song greenhorn’s first choice.

3. Ryze – “League of Legends”

Ryze is basically League of Legends’ golden boy, his reputation having been established by virtue of appearing in EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKIN. LOL. AD. EVER. Riot just can’t resist plastering his badass mug everywhere! But all of this marketing isn’t without cause. He’s very easy to handle, and has wicked skills that are wayy useful both individually and in a team fight, because he can single-handedly block the enemy’s escape route or steal a turret. Truly an LoL shining star.

4. Yorn – “Arena of Valour”

There’s actually a pretty funny story why Yorn is so iconic amongst the Arena of Valour fanbase. Other shining stars snag that status through their multifarious skillsets. Yorn’s niche is distraction. He (or rather, you, the player)’s always making hilarious comments about what’s going on in the game, suddenly being away from keyboard, et cetera. This extreme bougie-ness has gained him the nickname, “HRH Yorn”. But don’t be fooled, he has one of the highest damage quotients in the game. He is truly a well-rounded character, and can do you worlds of good, if played properly.


5. Alucard – “Mobile Legends”

Alucard is a time-honored warrior, having persisted through Mobile Legends’ many seasons from the very beginning. The reason why this Fighter-type hero is so iconic is because Alucard has near-perfect lifesteal capabilities, making him the equivalent in strength to five bogeys alone. That, along with his extreme mobility, enables him to provide a one-man backup to a teammate or even just walk around being a solo killing machine.

6. Pudge – “DotA II”

Who doesn’t know Pudge from DotA II? This Strength-type character is one of the ablest and stablest characters in-game. By that, we mean the fact that he hasn’t had a lot of significant updates throughout the years. One of the only ones to be done was related to his Fountain Hook combo, a winning move for the Na’vi team at the 2013 Internationals. Not only that, he’s also got a Winrate that persists at around 52-53 percent, which compared to other characters in the same game is pretty darn good. This is also why he’s got so many expies in later MOBA games, both looks- and skillset-wise.


The preceding comments, of course, are not entirely objective. We invite you to comment below who your favorite characters in MOBA games are! As always, if going into a comment flame war, don’t forget to praise our Lord and Saviour Gabe Newell (may Portal III be on Earth as it is in Heaven) and pass the ammunition. Kthxbai!

Original article by Andi Permana.

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