Here’s 6 Reasons To Play PUBG With Your Girlfriend

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” offers features that are perfect for playing with your girlfriend. Don’t believe me? Read on. Think girls shouldn’t be playing video games? Then don’t bother reading on because you’re probably stuck in the 80s or part of that whole Gamer Gate nonsense.

Here’s 6 reasons to play PUBG with your gal.

1. Effective and efficient resource allocation

Women have a better grasp of allocation of resources than guys. This is fact. It is undisputed. In the case of PUBG, your partner would be way better than you in managing the resources you have if you both play in a squad. Let her be the one to sort out what items the squad needs and you’ll be better for it. Guys can do the hunting gathering of resources. Tap into your inner caveman and do the grunt work and let her do the higher thinking.


2. She can be your mobile backpack

One of the problems that often faced by g amers in PUBG is the lack space to carry all the inventory needed. Although there is a backpack level 3 in the game, the problem is how many of you are lucky enough to find it? In fact, we are quite lucky to be able to find backpack level 2, or you just need to be thankful to find backpack level 1. Play with your girlfriend. Problem solved.


3. Save some money by playing PUBG together

Why not share and experience your gaming hobby together with your girlfriend. If you are just like other mainstream couples, then you might spend your time going to mall, watching movie in cinemas, karaoke and doing other typical boyfriendy/girlfriendy. Such outings deplete your (and her) wallet and funds. Why should true love cost you above your pay grade? Get your girlfriend spending quality time with you playing PUBG and you’ve only invested for the cost of the game and maybe some upgrades. No need for dinner and a movie, its time for PUBG and a chicken dinner.

4. Sometimes PUBG is a lonely game to play

Playing PUBG isn’t always fun. Sometimes playing solo you just walk around looking for people to shoot or hiding from others trying to shoot you. What about squad? 50/50. If your squad mates are annoying or suck, it can be worse than going solo. But if your girlfriend is playing with you, surely you will not feel lonely anymore. She’ll be there the whole time to listen to your bullshit throughout the entire game. Hey, she’s a keeper.

5. Epic teamwork

As someone who loves you very much (we hope), its only natural your girlfriend will be the one who wants to protect you from danger, including in PUBG. You as a guy also want to protect your girlfriend from other PUBG players (we hope again). With the power of love or some shit, your teamwork will be on point. There is no more misunderstanding and snatching of items among the squad members. Unless of course you have problems even with the smallest things like deciding what to eat for dinner, then this point might be hard to tackle.

6. Strengthen your relationship with your girlfriend

According to experts, lovers will be more sustainable in their relationships if they have trust and understand each other’s responsibility and rights. The relationship will be stronger if it forged with various kinds of trials. The trials can be found in PUBG. Working together, guarding each other from the enemy’s attacks, searching for resources, devising tactics to storm a house, reviving your dying partner as they crawl on the ground looking for salvation.

So go on, get with your girl, decide you BOTH want a chicken dinner tonight and kick some ass.

Original article by Leo Hutri.

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