10 Essential Chicken Dinner Tips For PUBG

It takes skill and a great strategy to win a chicken dinner in PUBG. Sure, sometimes people get lucky, but the best players win more dinners than you for a reason. Whether or not you’re a noob or seasoned player who needs a gentle reminder, here’s 10 tips to always keep in mind to help you have the best chance of eating chicken for dinner tonight.

10. Close the damn door!

Close the door you heathen! After looting building do not forget to close the damn door when you leave. The enemy will not know this apparently “unexplored” house is no longer storing valuables items. The result? They will waste time looking for gear & equipment in the house you have already looted

9. Kill players when you have the chance, every time

There is no coward in this game, finish off enemies who have not received adequate equipment when first landing is the most appropriate choice. Kill or be killed. Yes, hunting takes patience, but if you pass up that opportunity to take a good shot and are too cautious, if that guy gets away he could come back and hunt your ass not long after.


8. Don’t underestimate the power of the Pan

Yeah so, the frying pan looks trivial and useless, but don’t underestimate it. As armour, it can save your ass, quite literally. Lives have been saved and tables have been turned because of the frying pan. Sure, it may not hold up in real life against the gun types in the game, but hey, this IS a video game and in this game the frying pan can save your bacon or fry somebody else’s.

7. Git gud with your fists

“I have a pistol, he has nothing but bare hand, I’m sure can easily kill him”, do not think this way and do not underestimate unarmed people. They can kill you, even if you’re armed. You can actually kill somebody with one punch if placed right. Don’t laugh and get cute when you see somebody who isn’t armed yet, they might make you look real dumb if you’re not careful.

6. Fast looting and GTFO

Hasil gambar untuk fast looting gif

When you loot from crates or downed enemies you’re vulnerable so its important to do it as quickly as possible and GTFO. The problem is when you do this quickly sometimes just by pressing “F” the items aren’t even picked up and you grab something you don’t really need.  Solve this by pressing “Tab” and selecting the various equipment you really

need, leaving the rest.

5. Don’t be a hoarder and manage your storage

In addition to fast looting, make sure you only bring what you need to a fight and discard the rest. For example don’t carry that extended mag or suppressor if you don’t already have a weapon for it.

4. For the love of God, don’t land in high risk areas

If, for example, you land at the school and you don’t get good enough equipment quickly and the enemies beat you to it, you’re just going to end up as target practice, even if you are good at hiding like a little girl and slapping. You can only get lucky so many times, so yes there’s potential high reward with these high risk areas, but you’re never going to be lucky 100% of the time unless you’re a goddamn leprechaun.

3. Drive! Use the vehicles

They’ll take you around the map quickly, which is obvious. But they can also be utilized as mobile cover or as a deadly weapon of death. Check out the following video to see what we’re talking about.

2. Take advantage of hiding spots and camo

Empty buildings and bushy bushes are your friends. Hide in them. Though consider that if you’re wearing bright red and hide in a bush, you’re an idiot. If you get some dope camo, take advantage of the clothing and blend in sucker! Go dark goth or Dollar Store dad brown and hide in buildings. It matters what map you’re on. Erangel’s map filled with shadows and shrubs is better suited for black clothes, and Miramar’s map filled with desert brown colors more suited to the color of brown clothing or even… nood.


Not only PUBG, other MMO genre games and multiplayer based gameplay team, like DOTA 2 for instance, would also require a solid teamwork. Personal skill is very necessary to achieve Chicken Dinner, however, if you play in Squad, coordination and teamwork is the most important thing to achieve victory. No, this isn’t Overwatch, but it also isn’t Quake Arena or solo. Communicate, do callouts, focus enemy targets, set up flanking and importantly don’t get toxic and pass on the blame.

Original article by Ernard Anki.

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