Faker Has Decided To Renew His Contract With SKT T1

SKT T1 has just confirmed that Lee “Faker” Sanghyeok will remain on the SKT T1 roster as they have renewed his contract. This is huge news within the professional League of Legends esports scene as he is the biggest name in League of Legends and was widely expected to play for another organization for the first time in his career.


SKT T1 made the announcement themselves in which they, not so subtly, stated that the best player in the world has signed a new contract with SKT T1. Furthermore, they also announced that support player Lee “Effort” Sangho and bot laner Han “Leo” Kyeore have also resigned their contracts.

The organization seems to committed to building an entirely new team around their star player as all other SKT members have already left the organization. Due to these announcements, many were convinced that Faker would follow suit and that SKT would rebuild themselves from the ground up. According to Inven Global, who reported on Faker staying on SKT first, the organization promised Faker exceptional treatment going forward which has most likely convinced him to stay on the team.


It will be interesting to see which players SKT T1 decides to pick up in order to support Faker. Previously, news sources reported on the team trying to pick up Peanut which would be an interesting development as Peanut and Faker played together on SKT T1 in the past, but their playstyles did not seem to mash. Hopefully, the organization will manage to build a fantastic roster that can fully support Faker so that we can once again see the return of League’s personal God King.

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