Artists Threaten To Sue Epic Games For Stealing Dance Moves

We’ve heard of people getting sued in the US for stealing copyrighted music, but now, some artists are threatening to file suit against Epic Games for stealing their dance moves!

Fortnite dance emotes are huge. They’re among the most iconic aspects of the game. A quick YouTube search of Fortnite dance emotes will get you tons of different results, ranging from professional dancers attempting to try the moves, to comparisons between the emotes versus their real life counterparts.


Now, some of the real life creators of these dances are threatening to take legal action against Epic Games for making a profit off of their moves without compensating them.

Rapper 2 Milly is planning to sue the company for stealing his move (via Resetera), the “Milly Rock,” and making a profit off of it in the form of an emote called “Swipe It.”

Chance The Rapper has also spoken out about this issue on Twitter.

It’s hard to say whether 2 Milly will be able to win a legal battle against Epic Games. So far, there has been no precedent of someone being able to sue another person for mimicking their dance moves.

Both CBS and Eurogamer reached out to Epic Games for comment on this development, but the gaming juggernaut has yet to provide an official response.

What do you guys think? Should artists be compensated by Epic Games if they decide to use their dance moves as emotes?


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