Seagull Starts A Critical Discussion On The State Of Overwatch

Former professional player and popular Overwatch personality, Seagull, has started a debate on the many glaring issues that currently hold back Overwatch from being a fun experience most of the time. He states that despite still loving the game, he’s growing frustrated at the current state that it’s in and that Blizzard has to step in if they want Overwatch to remain beloved amongst its fans.

Here is the full video if you want to check out all the arguments that he makes.

One of Seagull’s biggest complaints with the current state of the game is that going into a game of Overwatch basically feels like a coin flip. Dive comps have gone out of the meta since the introduction of Brigitte and deathcomps, or “goats”, is the new name of the game. If you’re team does not opt for such comp but the enemy team does you will lose pretty much instantaneously.


Furthermore, this coin flip feeling plus no way of seeing how your teammates do leads to increased toxicity among players. If one of your teammates does opt to pick Tracer instead of going along with a “goats” comp he will most likely be flamed for picking a hero that is not part of the meta even though he might perform really well. There’s simply no way of knowing how well he’s doing.

Seagull also points out that there is currently a lot of cc in the game. While cc by itself is not necessarily a bad thing, the cc in Overwatch can be a bit overdone. He gives Sombra as an example, as she can essentially silence a champion for 6 seconds every 6 seconds. Once you’re silenced your only hope of survival is through the help of your teammates, which once again leads to that coin flip feeling.


The final important point that Seagull makes is that the ultimates in Overwatch are simply too strong. Although ultimates themselves are often really awesome to look at, they are a bit of an issue gameplay-wise. They are overtuned and on a very short cooldown. The team that has more ultimates often wins the fight and can keep snowballing the game from that point onwards. Of course, this leads to tactically playing around “ult economy” but that’s something that’s really hard to do in lower levels of play in Overwatch.

Overall, Seagull’s arguments on why the game is currently frustrating to play are very sound and have resonated with a lot of Overwatch players. A lot of people still really love the game but the feeling of powerlessness that can sometimes occur during your games can lead to a lot of frustrations. Hopefully, Blizzard will respond well to the critiques on their game and will find a way to fundamentally improve Overwatch.

Seagull has also recently uploaded this video in which he talks about the current state of Overwatch with XQC, Jayne, and Surefour which once again covers a few critical issues that players are fed up with.

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