Niantic Harry Potter Pokemon Go-Style Game Trailer Reveal

The company behind Pokemon Go, Niantic, has been working on a new Harry Potter-themed Pokemon Go-style game called “Harry Potter Wizards Unite.” Today, they just released a new trailer for the upcoming GPS / location-based game.

Originally announced last November, Harry Potter Wizards Unite was scheduled to be released in the second half of 2018. Eurogamer reported that there was a chance that it would be pushed to sometime next year. The new trailer confirms this to be the case.

The short teaser trailer itself doesn’t contain any actual gameplay footage and instead focuses on doing a bit of world building. The video opens up with a Snitch flying around in a back alley. A young woman “apparates” out of thin air and uses a magic spell to freeze it so she can catch it. Suddenly, she hears what sounds like large footsteps leading her to disapparate, but not before magically putting up a poster on a nearby wall. The poster states:

“The Wizarding World Is At Risk Of Exposure
We Need Your Help
Wizards Unite”

All of the video is shown through the lens of a security camera placed in the alley. This being the case, many fans were quick to comment on the video that if the wizarding world is at risk of exposure, why would a witch use magic in front of a security camera? Similarly, why would she put up such a huge poster there in broad daylight?

Despite the wonky logic of the video, it does a good job piquing the interest of fans. It reveals just enough to make you want to learn more. Check out the clip below.


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