5 Of The Best Warframes That Every Warframe Player Should Own

With the release of Fortuna, Warframe’s biggest update ever, the game has seen a huge influx of new players trying the game out for themselves. For newer players, the game can be quite daunting as there is a ridiculous amount of content in the game and virtually no explanation on what new players should do or where to begin. Even just collecting the 37 warframes that are currently in the game can be quite a hassle. This is why I will be recommending you 5 warframes that you should definitely pick up and maybe ever prioritize picking up. Owning these 5 will make the game a whole lot easier and will allow you to do relatively high-level content without having a perfect mod collection.


Rhino is the first frame that most players will obtain after choosing their starting frame. You can collect his parts by fighting the Jackal on Fossa, Venus, although you probably won’t be able to craft him until you get to Ceres. Rhino is a fantastic warframe for clearing out the star chart as his Iron Skin

ability allows you to be nearly invincible. His Roar will give your weapons a damage boost which is also very helpful for new players who won’t have the strongest weapons in the game and his Rhino Stomp ability provides some nice crowd control. Rhino is an incredible warframe for both beginning players as well as veterans of the game and thus should be part of any player’s warframe collection.


Equinox can utilize a total of 8 abilities, contrary to all other warframes who only comes with 4. Her night form is a more supportive form whereas her day form kills everything in sight. This gives her a lot of versatility that other warframes do not have. There are two really strong Equinox builds, one centered around her Rest ability which is often used for farming certain resources, and the other is a build around her Maim ability which is used for murdering everything. Collecting everything you need for Equinox is a bit tricky, however, as you are essentially required to build two warframes. Her parts can be found on Titania, Uranus.



A lot of players have trouble with Warframe’s spy missions, however, once you acquire Loki these will be extremely easy. Loki has the longest invisibility in the game which makes him perfect for sneaking your way through spy missions. His ultimate, Radial Disarm, is also an extremely strong crowd control ability that will disarm enemies within a large radius. Although Loki’s main use is for spy missions, he is also strong enough to run other content and is a very solid frame if you like doing things solo instead of with a team. He can be obtained by defeating the Hyena Pack on Psamathe, Neptune.


Nova is another warframe that is praised for her versatility. She can be used in regular missions for slowing down all enemies and increasing the damage that they take, she can be used for farming by speeding up all enemies, and she can be used on the open-world maps as she can teleport all over the place. With all these qualities it’s no wonder that Nova is one of the most beloved and one of the most played warframes in the game and is almost essential for any Warframe player to have. Her parts can be picked up from the Namaah mission on Europa in which you will have to defeat the Raptors.


If you want to kill enemies without having to do anything than Saryn is the warframe for you. At the moment she is by far the best warframe at absolutely slaughtering hordes of enemies which simultaneously makes her the best warframe for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. Once you own Saryn there’s absolutely no mission that you’re not able to complete although it will probably take a little while to get used to her playstyle and mechanics. Saryn can be obtained from the mission Merrow on Sedna which means she’s one of the last warframes you can acquire from star chart missions, nevertheless, you should definitely pick her up.

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