Valve Developing New VR Headset

In a surprising piece of industry news, Valve has been confirmed to be working on their own VR headset!

According to UploadVR (via Eurogamer), the company behind Steam is planning to sell their own VR headset. What makes this story so noteworthy is the fact that Valve is already partnered with Taiwanese hardware manufacturer HTC for the Vive. In effect, this move shows that Valve sees a huge potential with VR games and wants a bigger piece of the pie for themselves.

Leaked images of the headset appeared on Imgur 2 days ago and UPloadVR has confirmed through independent sources that the pictures are indeed legit and that they are prototypes of a new product called “Valve HMD.”

Here’s what it looks like.

In addition to the name of this new device, UploadVR has also discovered the following:

“the field of view will be 135° with ‘Vive Pro resolution.’ It may also come bundled with ‘Knuckles’ controllers as well as a Half-Life based VR game that could be a prequel rather than the much-anticipated Half-Life 3.”

You read that correctly folks – a new Half-Life! While it seems like it’s not a sequel to Half-Life 2, at this point, most fans would probably be happy just to get another entry into the legendary series.

Both Eurogamer and UploadVR have reached out to Valve for comment, but at the moment, the company has yet to respond.

As more info on this story becomes available, we’ll be sure to provide an update. Until then, stay tuned!


Featured Image Source: DigitalSpy

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