5 Of The Best Nindie Titles Currently Out On The Nintendo Switch

Although the Nintendo Switch is still relatively new in the gaming world, it’s Nintendo eShop is already with some fantastic indie titles, or rather, Nindies as Nintendo would call them. So while you’re waiting around for the next big Switch title to come around you might as well pick up one of these 5 fantastic Nindie games to pass the time.


The king of indie titles should obviously be the first game on this list. Even if you’ve played through Undertale countless times it’s worth getting it on the Nintendo Switch just because the game is so fantastic. The game set out to break genres and cliches and has definitely done so through clever writing and pure unadulterated fun. Undertale also features extremely catchy tunes and some of the most memorable characters that you’ll ever meet in gaming.


Stardew Valley


Similarly to Undertale, Stardew Valley is another indie title that just can’t be praised enough. Although the game’s popularity took a bit longer to build up than that of Undertale, it’s still one of the most accomplished indie games to ever exist. The game is more than just a farming simulator which you start finding out the more you discover in Stardew Valley and interact with the NPCs. If you decide to pick up this title you will soon find yourself spending hours upon hours in the extremely relaxing town of Stardew Valley.

Hollow Knight

There are dozens upon dozens of Metroidvania-inspired indie titles but Hollow Knight is arguably one of the best ones. The art style draws you in immediately and breathes life into the entire game. Hollow Knight can also be quite challenging and is sometimes called 2D Dark Souls but nothing beats a bit of challenge. The game is still being updated with free DLC as well so you will definitely get value for your money. This game is perfect for people who need a bit of a challenge.


Into The Breach

Into The Breach is probably one of the most well-balanced strategy games to ever be released. You will fight with a combination of different mechs against a species of invading robots and the game is extremely hard. There is hardly any chance involved in the game so everything you do comes down to tactical decision making and not sheer luck. This game is not for people with no patience or a short fuse but if you love strategical gameplay then this is a must-have.

Golf Story

Golf Story is a game that more people should know about. It’s a bit hard to sell to people, similarly to Stardew Valley, as people think it’s just another boring golfing game but it’s actually so much more than that. Golf Story is more like an RPG except that you have to do everything by golfing. This makes for some unique mechanical puzzles and some of the most interesting quests that you will have played in a while. This game wouldn’t be on this list if it was not a fantastic title so please give it a chance.

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