Final Fantasy XV DLCs Get Cancelled

Today’s a sad day for anyone who enjoys playing Final Fantasy XV. The game director of FF15, Hajime Tabata, just resigned from his position effective October 31st, resulting in the cancellation of 3 planned DLC packs for the game.

According to IGN

, the news broke a few hours ago during a special Final Fantasy XV live stream that was aired on YouTube. During the stream, an actual letter from Tabata was displayed in Japanese with English subtitles and an audio overlay. According to the letter, Tabata essentially found a better opportunity developing his own business and decided to leave Square Enix as a result.

Here’s a look at the stream.

As noted in the video, the only DLC still scheduled to be released is Episode Ardyn which will go on sale March 2019.


The only other known piece of Final Fantasy XV content we’ll be seeing is Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Comrades which according to the stream, is expected to be released on December 13, 2018. A Twitter post reiterated this release date.

It appears this standalone title may have also been somewhat impacted by Tabata’s departure as the PC version was also cancelled, and thus it will only be released on Xbox One and PS4.


Featured Image Source: PCGamesN

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