Warframe’s Massive Fortuna Update Will Launch This Week

Ever since the Fortuna update was first revealed at TennoCon, Warframe fans have been patiently waiting for the update to arrive. With a new trailer that was released, Digital Extremes announced that the massive update will arrive this week.

Besides the new trailer, DE has also posted an enormous blog post on everything that will be part of the update. If you’ve been closely following all the Fortuna news and dev streams than you will probably know everything already but for those who haven’t, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Fortuna update.

Fortuna is an underground city that’s hidden deep under the surface of Venus. In Fortuna, you will meet the Solaris. This is an entirely new faction who are in debt to the Corpus faction. These people live in constant fear of being repossessed. In the city of Fortuna, you will be able to meet new characters and buy shiny new toys. You will be able to obtain K-Drive Hoverboards, build your own pet MOA, built kit-guns, and much more. Overall your task within the faction will be to rekindle the rebellion in Fortuna in order to free the city of Corpus rule.

The new giant open-world map that comes with the Fortuna update is called Orb Vallis. Although it’s on the scorching hot planet of Venus, Orb Vallis is a frozen landscape located in the middle of a constant snowstorm. This is due to the terraforming efforts of the Solaris. While making your way through the frozen landscape you will encounter the Corpus faction and Corpus facilities. The Corpus units that you will encounter will be different from the ones in normal missions and the facilities will also look a lot newer. On the surface, you will be able to complete bounties, explore caves, catch animals, and take down enormous mechanical spiders called Raknoids.


The Fortuna update will also introduce a completely new warframe to the game called Garuda. This is a gore-based warframe that gets most of its power out of mutilating enemies. We’ve already had a full look at what Garuda has to offer during a recent developer stream but some damage numbers might have changed so it’s best to wait for the update to land to see what she’s capable off.

Lastly, the update brings a bunch of new weapons, mods, cosmetics, and operator gear. The cosmetics won’t really make an impact on the game but it’s always nice to have new additions to Fashionframe, the true end-game of Warframe. To see if the mods will be effective it’s best to wait until Fortuna is actually live rather than theorycrafting which ones will be good purely based on the description. For additional details please check the official developer update.

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