Here’s A List Of The 21 Best .io Games To Play Right Now On Your Browser

Are you at work and need something quick and fun to play on your lunch break? With advanced browsers and lightning-fast internet connections built into every cubicle farm, .io games are having a big moment. These are tiny little browser-based multiplayer games that offer bite-sized competitive gameplay. They are easy to jump in and out of, yet surprisingly addictive. They also multiply like rabbits, with hundreds of options to choose from. Some are original, some are 2D versions of hot titles like PUBG. There’s only one question we need to answer: Which games will make it onto our best io games list?


The granddaddy of them all, is a dead simple game with incredibly addictive gameplay. Each player is a cell that can freely move around and eat other cells … but only if they are smaller than you. It’s so brilliant that it’s still one of the most popular .io games out there. That’s why its number one on our list of the best io games that are worth your time.

2. was one of the first games inspired by, and we could therefore call it the first game in the io genre. It combines the basic eating gameplay of with the classic game Snake. As you eat, your snake will get longer and longer, making it easier to trap other players inside your tail.


3. is a clone of original survival shooter DayZ, taken to an overhead view. During the daytime, you’ll collect resources and build defenses. At night, the living dead come out to eat your brains.

4. really builds on the super-simple gameplay of earlier .io games by putting a whole class-based shooter in the io format. It’s like Team Fortress or Overwatch, but for free and in your browser. That alone makes this one of the best .io games, but you can also pick up sweet new outfits for your character the longer you play.


Fifth on our io games list is the great, which takes the guns out of an arena game and puts swords in everybody’s hands instead.

6. takes the same gameplay back in time with arcade-style action recalling the classic Joust. By the same developer of, it’s clear that Clown Games is one to watch!


If you’re just looking for a free-to-play version of PUBG to play in your browser, you’re in luck. is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds stripped down and simplified, but still an awesome fifty-man battle royale and one of the best io games.


Taking our io games list to another genre, turns the io style to real time strategy. You’ll build up an fantasy army with knights and dragons, and take them to destroy other players in this io RTS.

9. starts you as a primitive single-celled organism under the ocean and you evolve into stronger creatures, eventually climbing onto the beach.

10. has long been one of the most popular io games, from the creator of It adds tank shooting to the classic io gameplay, along with the ability to level up your tank.

11. has another take on an io survival crafting game. You can cooperate with other players to stay alive and build a secure fort.

12. is a cool io arena fighter with a barbarian theme. It adds RPG elements to the io formula and has great pixel graphics.


If you just want to play some Fortnite at work, there’s a browser-based io version called, you guessed it, It was formerly called, but now its the best Fortnite clone you can play in your browser.

14. Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a silly shooter where all the players are eggs … eggs with guns! It’s also one of the few .io style games that is played in 3D, so it’s definitely one of the more unique games on any io games list.


Another fun arena shooter is It’s got great pixel graphics and hardcore multiplayer gameplay. You’ll pick up a variety of weapons and dodge bullets like hell.


If you played Populous back in the day, will dig up some memories. It’s a io god game where you lead a village of magic-using folks with your benevolent hand.


Another of the handful of 3D io games is Warscrap. It has big twist on the io format though in that it is a cooperative io game. You’ll team up with other players to defeat an army of robots.

18. is a beat-em-up io game in 3D. Punch the other players, but watch out for your own energy bar. If it gets too low, you’ll fall down and be easy prey. An array of power-ups and cartoon graphics add to the fun.


If you wish you could play Clash Royale on your desktop PC, you are in luck, because is a great clone of that mobile game.

20. is another strategy game in the io style. In this game, the teams have an elemental theme. The three elements are strong against one element and weak against the other.

21. also has zombies, but gives you the chance to fight for the undead team! Zombies work together to infect the survivors, who are trying to last long enough to run out the clock.

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