Overwatch’s Newest Hero Is The Rebellious Gun-Slinging Badass Ashe

Overwatch's Newest Hero Is The Rebellious Gunslinging Badass Ashe

Using a name that a seems ubiquitous with pretty much every competitive multiplayer game these days, Blizzard has unveiled the latest character to join the hallowed ranks of Overwatch, the rebellious gunslinger Ashe. Ashe was revealed during the BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremony amid the frantic scenes of the Reunion animated short.

Sporting the full name Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe, the newest Overwatch hero is the leader of the Deadlock Gang and the 29th hero to join the ever expanding list of heroes for the massively popular game.

Overwatch's Newest Hero Is The Rebellious Gunslinging Badass Ashe

With a charming Western twang enveloping her every word, Ashe is a gritty damage dealer thanks to carrying some serious firepower. She has The Viper, her rapid firing semi-automatic rifle that when aimed packs a precise, powerful shot. It can also be used to propel her upwards.

Dynamite detonates shortly after being thrown or ignites when shot causing immediate as well as fire damage over time. Her coach gun is a useful tool to add some distance between Ashe and her enemies by knocking them back and giving Ashe herself a push backwards for a quick escape.

Finally, her ultimate summons B.O.B, a mechanized henchman who can charge forward, throwing enemies into the air, and protects Ashe with arm-mounted cannons.

Blizzard have also cooked up an origin story trailer. Ashe’s story is one of solitude and longing for a family she never had. B.O.B effectively takes on the role of her carer and guardian. This longing is at the core of her leadership role of the Deadlock Gang, her surrogate family. She’s also a long time friend, if we can term it as such, of McCree.

Blizzard haven’t revealed when we can expect Ashe to join the Overwatch fray. Check out the Ashe intro video below, which is an explosive first look at her mechanic-heavy game play style and abilities.

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