Massive D.Va LEGO Statue Unveiled For Blizzcon

Last week all the much anticipated LEGO Overwatch sets were leaked by Target. However, Blizzard apparently kept the coolest LEGO Overwatch for themselves. An absolutely massive D.Va statue.

Check out for yourself how this huge construct was built.

It consists out of 145,276 LEGO bricks of which 48,853 are pink. The statue itself is also incredibly heavy, coming in a total of 1,256 lbs or 569.7 kg, although part of this weight also comes from the steel framework inside the LEGO D.Va statue that keeps it all stable.

Sadly for all you LEGO fans out there, this statue won’t appear in the store together with the other LEGO Overwatch sets. It will instead be displayed at Blizzcon which begins today at 11 am Pacific Time.

Besides the Overwatch World Tournament, there’s quite a bit of hype and speculation about what Blizzard could reveal regarding Overwatch. One popular theory is that Blizzard will reveal hero 29 and that is honestly not too farfetched. A much crazier theory is that Blizzard could potentially add some sort of story mission to the game in which we follow D.Va and her mecha squad. This would align somewhat with the shooting star release and Busan map and now they’ve even unveiled this huge D.Va LEGO statue. While it certainly sounds fun, it doesn’t sound very plausible.


For now, all we can do is to wait for the Overwatch segment to start which is from 1:30 pm to 2:15 pm Pacific Time. This timeslot was reserved solely for Overwatch news but sadly you can only watch it if you’ve purchased a virtual ticket , so most fans will have to resort to refreshing the Overwatch subreddit every few seconds.

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