Diablo 3 Amiibo Gets Official Twitter Confirmation

Yesterday, Diablo 3 dataminers tinkering around the Switch version of the game found hints suggesting that it would soon support three different types of amiibos. Turns out there wasn’t much need for speculation – today Blizzard announced through their official Diablo Twitter page that a Loot Goblin amiibo is set to go on sale in December.

Here’s a look at the Twitter post and the new amiibo.

“Summon your own portal to untold riches” – this statement pretty much confirms the theory that the Loot Goblin amiibo gives access to “The Vault” aka Greed’s Realm. For those of you who haven’t played the PC version of the game, this rare portal normally has a very small chance of spawning after killing a loot goblin. The portal itself takes you to a special zone that is filled to the brim with stashes of gold, more loot goblins, and a boss called Greed.

Image Source: HeroesFire

Upon defeating Greed, a chest will drop out of the sky containing a guaranteed drop of two legendary items. On your very first encounter with her, she’ll also drop you a legendary gem known as “Boon of the Hoarder” which has some cool gold-related effects. If you socket it into a ring or your amulet, you’ll get a 25% chance to create an explosion of gold on an enemy kill. At rank 25, the gem grants you a 30% increase movement speed buff for 3 seconds after picking up gold, making it a pretty popular item for speed running dungeons.

While it’s a rare spawn in the PC version of Diablo 3, if you have the amiibo, you can access this dungeon in the Switch version every 22 hours! That’s a hefty amount of free loot and gold every day!


Featured Image Source: Diablo-3.net

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