World Of Light Is The New Story Mode For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The last announcement during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct was that we would once again receive a story mode for the game. This is quite unexpected as Sakurai had not implemented a story mode in the last game despite having one in Super Smash Bros Brawl. The new story mode is called World of Light and was announced with an amazing trailer.

As Sakurai explained during the Nintendo Direct, the World of Light features the event that turned so many beloved characters into spirits and turned playable characters into statues. The only person that managed to escape the carnage is Kirby and he will most likely be the starting character when playing through the story mode.

From what we can see in the trailer, you will mostly be collecting Spirits by walking through the open world while also battling other playable characters that have been imprisoned by the enemy. It’s very likely that you will unlock these characters after you have won the battle against them. The battles don’t look like straightforward 1v1s though as we see Mario turn into his metal version and we see other battles contain way more than just 1 person. Towards the end of the trailer, we even see a boss from Super Smash Bros Brawl that has made his return.


The Subspace Emissary, Super Smash Bros Brawl’s story, was quite beloved by most Nintendo fans but Sakurai though that it was spoiled due to everyone putting cutscenes and spoilers online. This was one of the reasons why we didn’t get a new story mode when Super Smash Bros 4 came around which was quite disappointing to a large number of fans. Luckily, this time around Sakurai decided to implement a story mode once again and make it completely about fun rather than story. Since it’s about fun it doesn’t really matter too much if people put it online.

I think a great number of fans is quite happy that a story is mode has returned and will most likely put even more hours into the game than they were already planning to put in.

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