Riot Reveals The Next 3 Worlds Locations As A Long-Term Commitment

One of the most common complaints about the League of Legends Worlds tournament this year was how late everything was announced. Riot had announced that the tournament would be held in Korea quit early on in the year already, but didn’t announce in which venues until a few weeks before the tournament actually started. There weren’t even any tickets for sale until just a few weeks prior to the event. A lot of fans had to cancel flight and hotel tickets after the ticket sale went live because they didn’t manage to secure any tickets for themselves. This entire ordeal made a lot of fans and esports professional quite angry and was overall pretty poor management by Riot.


Fortunately, Riot saw that this was no way of organizing a Worlds event and have thus already announced the next 3 Worlds location. According to them, they have done so as a long-term commitment to the fans, players, team, and partners. By having lead time fans, players, and organization will be able to plan ahead. Riot hopes that this will result in higher quality tournaments with more participants.


Next year will be in Europe, 2020 will be in China, and Worlds 2021 will be in America. They have even booked the final venue for the Worlds in Europe already which will be in the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France. The venues for China and America have not yet been announced but these tournaments are still quite a few years away so it’s not really necessary to do so yet. Exact dates have not been announced yet either, but hopefully, Riot will be more timely with this compared to this year.

Organizing the Worlds tournament in Europe is also a smart move on Riot’s part considering that the European LCS will be franchised next year. This gives new organizations a chance to show what they’ve got in Europe and might also demonstrate the popularity of League of Legends in Europe to potential investors.

This is overall quite a good move on Riot’s part although the way they organized Worlds this year should’ve never happened in the first place as it was completely unprofessional. Hopefully, the other venues and tournaments will be announced in a timely manner as well.

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