Paris Games Week Round-Up: Anthem, Twin Mirror & More

Paris Games Week Round-Up: Anthem, Twin Mirror & More

This year’s Paris Games Week failed to reach the same heights as last year’s landmark edition marked big announcements like Ghost of Tsushima and the now infamous brutal The Last of Us Part 2 trailer. That being said, the conference disbursed a few nuggets particularly from developer Bandai Namco, which used the platform to make a number of announcements.

New Anthem Game Play Footage

Anthem developer Bioware popped up at PGW to showcase new game play footage, which takes viewers on a walk through the opening mission of the game tracking down a lost arcanist. We also get a glimpse of the game’s core fighting mechanics, a boss fight, weapons, and ultimate abilities. However, the highlight is by far the flying mechanic. Gliding from objective to objective seems effortless and seriously fun.


NieR: Automata’s 2B Joins SoulCalibur VI Cast

With SoulCalibur VI only just released, Bandai Namco announced that the suave protagonist from the excellent NieR: Automata would be adding her bladed prowess to the fray and joining the illustrious ranks of the game’s weapon-wielding combatants. That’s not all, 2B brings along with her brand new character appropriate music, customization elements like an extra outfit, new weapons, parts and stickers, as well as her own dedicated stage.

Jump Force Release Date

Fighting manga mashup Jump Force has been assigned a firm PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release date of February 15th 2019 with a frantic new trailer to boot. With settings as outlandish as a crumbling replicate of Paris (hence the Paris Games Week announcement) and an ancient Greek temple with famous landmarks to boot, Jump Force will be the zany cacophony we’ve come to expect from these crossover titles. As for characters, expect Dragon Ball alumni Vegeta and Goku, Naruto, Ryo Saeba from City Hunter

, and Yu-Gi-Oh!‘s Yugi among others, including Nicky Larson and Kenshiro who were announced at PGW.

Twin Mirror Game Play

Dontnod’s episodic nostalgia infused adventure into what it means to confront the past through a bizarre post-funeral mystery, Twin Mirror, made an outing at Paris Games Week with a new game play trailer. With the usual supercilious voice over, the trailer delves into the setting for the game, Basswood, West Virginia. We also get a glimpse of protagonist Sam Hayes’ alter ego, his bravado prone inner voice, and his ability to enter a dream-like mind palace to visualize memories. From there, players have to put on their smartest detective’s bonnet to get answers by searching for clues and formulating hypotheses. Twin Mirror looks promising, but it’s a case of seeing how Dontnod translate a great concept into a quality game.

Concrete Genie Game Play

Action adventure Concrete Genie was on show at Paris Games Week with a particularly insightful walkthrough hosted by French gaming outlet alongside the game’s developers. Concrete Genie sees the young hero able to bring his paintings to life throughout an ‘open neighborhood’ by using a nifty painting mechanic to adorn the walls and facades with the players creations. These paintings then come to life as creatures with varying characteristics depending on the color palette used. They are then used to solve various puzzles. Story wise, Concrete Genie is about saving an abandoned city from ruins while fending off bullies intent on stunting the protagonist’s creativity.

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