Microsoft Taking Mobile Gaming To Next Level With New Controller

If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, you’ve undoubtedly experienced numerous games having weak controls. It’s not easy pulling off some game genres due to the limitations of solely relying on a touch screen for all movement. Fighting, action, and other more fast-paced style games in particular come to mind. It seems like Microsoft has recognized this problem and is looking to fix it with a new product that might be coming out in the near future.


According to Windows Central (via IGN), Microsoft is developing an Xbox-like controller grip that can be attached to mobile devices giving you more ways to play. Have a look at some of the early pictures of the product.

Image Source: Windows Central

It’s definitely a cool concept and Microsoft isn’t the only one to think so. Taiwanese manufacturer, ASUS, also had a similar idea in mind with their gaming-centric ROG phone. Much like the Microsoft design, the ROG phone uses a 3rd-party accessory called the Gamevice

that allows a joystick and D-pad to be added to the phone.

Image Source: Pocket Lint

With the direction the industry is moving, console manufacturers are shying away from continuing production of portable gaming devices. Just last month, Sony announced that they would be discontinuing the PlayStation Vita. Given that almost everyone has a mobile phone, it makes a lot more sense to simply adapt the device for gaming, rather than carrying around two separate ones.

The idea of attachable controllers is definitely a solid one that can help turn phones into a true gaming device, offering fans a chance a play all their favorite games on mobile, regardless of the genre.


Featured Image Source: Windows Central

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