WWE X League Of Legends Crossover Gets New Updates

Two weeks ago, we found out about an epic showdown between League of Legend‘s top streamers, Imaqtpie and Tyler1. The battle would have QT leading and coaching a team comprised of WWE stars, while Tyler1 would take command of WWE’s rivals – team NXT. We finally have a few more updates to share with you on what just might be the craziest crossover of all time.


WWE’s YouTube gaming channel, UpUpDownDown, has released two more clips of the clash of superstars, giving us a sneak peek at what’s to come. The first video sets up the confrontation in a campy comedic sort of way that ends with QT and Tyler1 getting into an intense stare down.


It’s pretty ridiculous setup, but honestly, it’s great seeing these two guys interacting with each other IRL. Check out the whole clip below.

That’s not all though folks, the second video gives us an actual look at the kind of Tyler1 vs. QT content that we can expect to see starting next month. We get a short preview of a QT coaching session with team WWE.

There’s also some practice rounds with Tyler1 and Team NXT.

Finally, we also get even more QT vs. Tyler1 confrontations.

If you’ve got the time, give the video a watch below.

Next month, we’ll be seeing more episodes of the WWE vs. NXT showdown with Imaqtpie and Tyler1 appear on UpUpDownDown. The final game will be taped on Friday, November 16th  according to IGN. As for when the episode will actually air, the video notes the date as Saturday November 17th.


Featured Image Source: YouTube

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