AOV Battles Of Clones: Here’s How To Win And Kick Some Butt

Arena of Valor’s (AOV) Battles of clones is a special mode with 5 players playing the same hero. In this mode, you don’t know beforehand what hero the enemy team will play. A loss can come very fast if you are up against hero that completely counter your team’s hero, like team Cresht vs team Lauriel.

As a team, the game is also harder if you can play a certain hero well and but your allies don’t. In the match that you get countered, ineffective teamwork will result in a quick loss. So how can we secure an easy win in Battles of clones? Let’s find out with EXP.

Pick the right hero and good laning


Picking hero and choose laning is very important in this game mode. You should pick warrior heroes because they are more stable throught out the game, or heroes with power to push towers fast or heroes that can take advantages of the enemies heroes.

You may pick the wrong heroes but for laning phase, you have got to do it right. If you pick mages and go all mid then you only have advantage in early game. That’s why you need to send one hero into the jungle to control the resources and send 4 heroes to 3 lanes.

Picking mobility heroes to dodge enemies’ skills if you face against mages which targeted abilities. Agile heroes like Zuka, Airi, Zephys all have skills to stun, excellent to focus and take down less mobility heroes like Natalya, Ignis to bring victory easier.

Itemize correctly to counter enemies

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Somtimes, you have matches that is very hard early game like Superman vs Taara, then you have to find a way to utilize items to counter enemy’s strength. If you are up against Superman, you should get Frost Cape

 and Hyoga’s Edge so that Superman can not accumulate power.

If you are facing fast healer heroes like Taara, you just need to have items that nullify healing to greatly reduce their power. In hard situations mentioned above, you have to be patience, stand your ground and fight, don’t surrender early.

Control enemy’s jungle

In Battles of Clones, if you fight enemy with bad laning, you should take the advantage to control their jungle, give yourself gold advantage. Moreover, you can force enemies to make mistakes by ambushing from the jungle.

If you have heroes that can punish junglers, you should take control of the jungle early to provide better vision for your team. When you know your enemy whereabout on the map, go with your teammates to increase the chance for pick-off. Teamwork in Battles of Clones express through good rotating between teammates.

Buy time to push towers

People who play Battles of Clones usually want to man fight in every chance they have. This is the reason why players can not win because they always fight but never try to take down enemy towers.

The best strategy is can use is to buy time for your teammates to destroy tower. Each tower destroyed will yield a large amount of gold for your team, that’s why even if you lose in early game but manage to take down towers, you will have a better chance at winning the game.

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