Monster Sanctuary Kickstarter Game Raises $40K USD In One Day

Not so long ago, Stardew Valley appeared with a story unlike any other. It’s creator, Concerned Ape, singlehandedly created the entire game by himself, doing all of the coding, writing, pixel art, music – EVERYTHING. Inspired by his dedicated work, two brothers, Denis and Anton, have been working on their own amazing game called “Monster Sanctuary.” The two setup a Kickstarter page yesterday

and it has achieved its goal in less than 24 hours, raising nearly $40,000 USD! Here’s a bit more info on the game.

Monster Sanctuary features a unique design concept that plays like a combination of Pokémon, Castlevania, and Metroid. Players can explore a 2D world while collecting and training a variety of monsters.

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Combat is turn-based and involves your entire party, making team building an important part of the game.

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A new playable demo has just been made available on Steam

. So far, there are 15+ monsters available to test out, with the goal being over 100+ different ones.

One of the craziest things Denis and Anton have incorporated into the game is the monster skill trees. Each monster has it’s own unique skill tree!

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There’s a Reddit thread on this game posted by the creators that has blown up the internet, gaining more than 80,000 upvotes in just a few hours! Head over there if you’re interesting in seeing the discussion. Seriously, everyone is very hyped about this game.

Monster Sanctuary looks to be shaping into the next Stardew Valley success story. Be sure to keep your eyes on its development!


Featured Image Source: YouTube

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