Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Spellbreak, Fimbul, Battlefield V & More

Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Spellbreak, Fimbul, Battlefield V & More

You know the drill. Here is our pick of the past week’s best or at least the most interesting trailers. We’ve got an X-Com style tactical adventure, two big Triple A games, a DLC about love, and more.

Skin Deep

Skin Deep is an off kilter acrobat first person shooter set in a drab space station where sneezing could be the difference between life and death. As you traipse barefoot through the labyrinthine corridors of said space station, you’ll have to contend with armed guards, environmental injuries like glass cuts that need healing, and just generally deal with the overall weirdness of Skin Deep.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Not so much a trailer as one these fashionable semi documentary, semi gameplay reveal mashups, this one showcases upcoming turn-based tactical adventure Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden, inspired by the pen and paper game of the same name. While the gameplay is reminiscent of Shadow Tactics

and X-Com thanks to healthy dose of stealth and exploration, add in a gushingly beautiful 3D world and a strong careening narrative, and you get a title we are really rather excited about.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer

Rockstar has unleashed the last sneak peak at Red Dead Redemption 2 and on display is very much of the same as we’ve seen before, but you won’t catch us complaining. The trailer hones in on the story, giving us a glimpse of the tense relationship that exist between members of the van der Linde gang. Of course, there’s the usual fare of gun slinging, stagecoach robberies, and encounters with wildlife.

Battlefield V – Single Player Trailer

With the release of Black Ops 4, Battlefield V has been somewhat sidelined in the minds of many, but this trailer for the episodic single player campaign War Stories is an enticing window into what DICE has been cooking up. As you’d expect from these things, the production value is of the highest order and not getting enthralled by the prospect of these compelling untold stories of World War 2 is a difficult task as a consequence.


Atomic Heart

Alternate reality hellish Soviet shooter Atomic Heart popped up out of nowhere earlier this year to stun the gaming world with the splendor of it’s twisted, gory world. With this week’s trailer we get an albeit short, but atmospheric office archive/break room strewn with bloodied corpses mechanised claws and the utilitarian aesthetic of the failed communist experiment. We’re none the wiser as to what Atomic Heart is all about, but we are even more eager than ever to find out.


Heavily anchored in Norse mythology with trolls, icy landscapes, and looming Ragnarok, Fimbul is a comic-book esque platformer action adventure where combat plays a huge part. Take Kratos from god of war, shrink him down and remove all those god-like characteristics and you get something resembling Fimbul.

Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur is back with its six iteration in, you guessed it, Soul Calibur VI. The format remains loyal to the tried and tested with weapons, a host of characters including Geralt of Rivia, and responsive combat mechanics.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Amorous Adventures

This year’s stunning medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance is back with an update dubbed Amorous Adventures. As you’ve probably gleaned from the name, in the DLC you’ve been entrusted to spread love throughout the world of Bohemia. The task isn’t straightforward though.  Complicated by jewels, love potions, and a deadly tourney, becoming the courier of love is harder than it may first appear. Nothing ever comes easy, does it?


If you’re a devoted battle royale aficionado, but are hungry for a game that innovates the formula then Spellbreak might be just the thing. Dubbed ‘a new battle royale RPG featuring epic magic combat’, Spellbreak incorporates crafting, builds, and spell combos as well as the usual closing storm circle, all in a fantasy medieval setting. As to whether Spellbreak is another flash in the pan or a genuine contender, time will tell.

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