Skorpion PUBG Weapon Guide: Perfect Combination Of SMG And Pistol

PUBG: Skorpion

Skorpion – the new 9mm ammo machine pistol has just arrived to PUBG. And one can argue this is the strongest pistol in PUBG because it is just as powerful as any SMG!

Skorpion PUBG

History of Skorpion PUBG

Original version of Skorpion is the Škorpion vz. 61 produced by Československo (later divided into Czech Repblic and Slovakia) in 1961. This light gun is equipped to the army of Československo

as a secondary weapon, it is also used by security and special forces as primary firepower. The gun is not only for domestic uses but also exported to other countries. Even gangs of criminals and terrorists favor this light gun alongside the legendary AK47.

Skorpion PUBG(8)

Basic stats of Skorpion PUBG

In order to achieve such a small size, producer has optimized a complex shooting mechanism, and this help minimize the shooting delay, increase rate of fire up to 850 RPM. Due to its small size, Skorpion PUBG is often used as a secondary weapon.

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Detailed stats of Skorpion PUBG

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» Base damage: 22

» Muzzle velocity: 350m/s

» Effective fire range: 50m

» DPS: 312

» Rate of fire: 650 RPM

» Firing mode: 5 bullets

2. List of attachments for Skorpion PUBG

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Interesting facts about Skorpion PUBG:

  • In real life, this gun is in the same category with SMG, however, because of its small size with no stock, it is listed as a Pistol.
  • Škorpion vz. 61 is the original version use 7.65mm bullets, but in-game, it is unclear which ammo type the developer will use.
  • Many variants: CZ-91S for civilian market, CZ 868 is a variant of rifle and VZ. 82 /83 uses 9mm bullets.
  • The People’s Army of Vietnam has used this gun during Vietnam War.

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That is all information about the Skorpion PUBG, the pistol that has firepower equal to most SMGs.

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