PUBG Platoon Event Mode Cancelled Due To ‘Critical Error’

This Weekend’s PUBG Event Mode Platoon Cancelled Due To ‘Critical Error’

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s meager offering of a free beanie skin for recent troubles, PUBG has once again landed itself in a hole it seemingly cannot dig itself out of. This time around, the battle royale giant has been forced to cancel this weekend’s brand new Platoon Event Mode due to a ‘critical error’.

The cancellation was announced in a tweet on the official PUBG Help account alongside the ruins of this week’s connectivity debacle (which is, let’s face it, pretty damning). It reads ‘PC Players: Unfortunately, this week’s Event Mode has been cancelled due to a critical error. We apologize for any frustration or disappointment this has caused. Event Mode: Platoon will not be returning next week, but will return at a later date’.

The announcement was made a few short hours before the event was due to begin Thursday evening/Friday morning depending on where you are in the world. Talk about last minute.

This Weekend’s PUBG Event Mode Platoon Cancelled Due To ‘Critical Error’

The Event dubbed Platoon was set to rejig the old 50 vs 50 format with two platoons of 50 players divided in five 10-person squads battling it out on Erangel. As is the wont of the battle royale genre, the last squad standing formula was to stand with the usual fare of looting, roaming, and picking off enemies. Platoon was to be a welcome departure from the rather drab selection of recent Event Modes, but it clearly wasn’t meant to be, nor do we know when it might return.

To add insult to injury, a selection of players haven’t received the compensatory beanie. Sadly, PUBG are failing to even pull off an apology without botching it up. As for the cancellation, players are unhappy to put it mildly as exemplified by the understandable indignation of countless Redditors.

With the latest flurry of bugs, PUBG may very well be reaching the point of no return. Up to this point, a steadfast community has remained loyal, but how long can this last with successive failures? The promises enshrined in the FIX PUBG campaign are starting to sound out all too hollow and given the initiative ends at the end of this month, PUBG is on shaky ground.

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