3 Facts About AOV Hero Elsu & Is She A Mobile Legends Copycat?

With the recent release of Arena of Valor’s (AOV) newest hero Elsu, lets dig in and take a look at some of her key attributes… and controversies!

With the release details settled, we come to the question of who exactly is Elsu? Some say Elsu is an uncanny facsimile of a hero from Mobile legends and we are hard pressed to disagree. In reality, we sway more towards an adaptation rather than a plagiarized copy and here’s why.

1. An Adaptation Of Bai Li From Kings of Glory

Firstly, we must remember that Kings of Glory is in fact the predecessor to Arena of Valor with both being developed by Chinese gaming giant Tencent. As such, re-using content and adaptating it to a different game isn’t so much a faux pas if done by the same developer. Had Bai Li been implemented in a game developed by a different company, the matter would be radically different, but in this case Elsu is in a sense a re-imagining by probably exactly the same team that created Bai Li. If your friends still question whether Elsu is a plagiarized hero, then you can now confidently explain why this isn’t the case.


The picture above provides a diagram of the relationship between Tencent, Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends.

If you’re hungry for a more in-depth explanation then the video below by Kurohiko should answer any lingering questions about the relationship:

To summarize, plagiarism is a fraudulent activity punishable by law, while a licensed adaptation backed by official channels is in fact legal. As Elsu is an adaptation, there’s no harm done.

2. Hero With the Longest Attack Distance on AOV

Elsu having the longest attack distance of any hero in AOV is quite evident upon checking out his skills stats, notably his second ability:

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Ability 2 : Elsu and aims and fires, dealing 1050 (+2.5 AD) physical damage and reducing the target’s movement speed. Aiming requires 2 seconds, but releasing the shot early may cause it to fire errantly. The ability generates a charge every 16 seconds, up to a maximum of 3 stored charges (affected by cooldown).

For a more substantial explanation, check out the gameplay video by EJ above.

3. Archer Hero that Doesn’t Need Critical Attack Stats

Unlike other archers in AOV that rely on Attack Speed and Critical Attack to win fights, Elsu fares just fine without them. Why is that the case?

Here’s the official blurb on Elsu’s passive skill:

Passive: Elsu’s normal attacks deal (+1.8 AD) physical damage, but the duration between each attack becomes longer and the attacks cannot be critical strikes. Each 1% critical chance Elsu gains is converted into 3 Attack Damage. While not in combat, Elsu can hide next to obstacles and gains 16%-30% movement speed depending on his level.

In other words, each 1% Critical will be transformed into 3 attack damage.

Our Review and Opinion About Elsu

Elsu is an archer type Hero with a long range shot ability. He possesses quite a unique skill set predominantly focused on his ability to shot from a very long distance, far further than any other archer hero available in Arena of Valor. His second ability allows the character view camera to zoom in on enemies, bestowing players with the element of surprise as they attack from a long range undetected. But unfortunately, Elsu’s pros are counterbalanced by quite a few weaknesses, especially if he’s been targeted by an enemy before he’s able to initiate an attack. With slow movement speed and slow attack speed, relying on his ability 2 can be quite difficult as you must ensure the long range shot is on target. As such, Elsu has a high skill cap and would only be viable in a Ranked Match setting once mastered. A potential tactic making use of his high damage stats is to use his passive intermittently to remain hidden while moving towards an enemy, before firing off a well placed long distance shot inflicting maximum damage. As always, heroes need to be balanced so Elsu’s weaknesses are understandable, though mastering him will require some serious grind.

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What are you thoughts on Elsu?

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