Taiwanese Rating Hints Path Of Exile Might Be Coming To The PS4

Path of Exile is probably one of the most liked and most respected free games on the market right now due to the amount of love the developers pour into it while still remaining completely free to play. The game is currently only available for the PC and the Xbox but that might soon change as a new rating nearly guarantees that it will be coming out on the PlayStation 4.

The news comes from a Taiwanese rating that was recently put online. Even if you can’t understand a single word of Chinese you can probably see that it very clearly says PS4 so it’s definitely not a translation mistake. There is no word yet from the developers so take it with a grain of salt, however, a rating often means that the game is already playable as the people who rate the game must have played, or at least seen it.

This news is pretty big as Path of Exile is currently one of the most popular free to play games but was previously not available for the PlayStation. This will most likely open up an entirely new market for the game as well as the PlayStation is much more popular in most Asian countries than the Xbox due to the PlayStation being from Japan.

A lot of people on the Path of Exile subreddit were also excited for a potential release on the Linux/Mac as well. Although there is not a single word on releasing the game for either Linux or Mac since programming for the PlayStation is a lot closer to programming for those. This would save people who like using Linux or Mac a lot of trouble as they can just play their favorite game on either of those instead of having a special PC dedicated to gaming since Path of Exile is not a particularly heavy game in the first place.

The announcement also comes right in time for PS4 owners who have never played the game but are interested in the new Delve update that was recently added to the game. The Delve update added a bunch of new content to the game including a fantastic yet eerie endless dungeon mode called Delve which has given players something to do in terms of end-game content.

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