PUBG Offers Beanie Skin As Apology For Ongoing Connectivity Issues

PUBG Offers Beanie Skin As Apology For Ongoing Connectivity Issues

The seemingly never-ending PUBG saga inherited a new entry today as PUBG Corp is offering a beanie skin and 20,000 BP to PC players as a form of apology for the ongoing connectivity issues beleaguering the game.

Since the release of Patch #22 late last month heralding the welcome changes to matchmaking, PUBG players have been met with significant lag issues notably due to the new system not functioning as intended. Instead of matching players in close geographical proximity to one another based on ping, and in effect reducing lag problems, the system was doing the exact opposite and grouping players from distant regions. Pings were stratospheric and certain matches unplayable as a consequence.

In PUBG Corp’s own words: ‘unfortunately an error related to ping calculation occurred and the player’s location wasn’t being identified correctly, resulting in them being placed into matches in a region that didn’t provide the optimal gameplay experience. Due to the large number of players affected by this issue, the gameplay experience for many players has been impacted negatively and we sincerely apologize for this’.

PUBG Offers Beanie Skin As Apology For Ongoing Connectivity Issues

On top of this, this week has been marred by repeated live maintenance down time, which instead of improving connectivity coughed up a ‘network lag detected’ error.

Today, the battle royale behemoth came out and acknowledged the player experience hasn’t been up to par and authored the following tweet offering up the rather underwhelming beanie as compensation (the BP ain’t bad though): ‘We sincerely apologize for the negative experience caused by our recent server connectivity and matchmaking related issues. As compensation, we will be gifting all PC players the Black Beanie with Headphones item along with 20,000 BP. Log in to PUBG by 5pm PDT on Oct 23 to claim.’

By this point PUBG’s woes are calamitous at best and today’s olive branch offering may do little to quell the increasingly pessimistic sentiment towards the battle royale title that started it all. Though player numbers haven’t been affected by the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout, one does wonder how long PUBG can keep up the charade without a definitive solution to these ongoing problems.

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