Team Liquid Eliminated From Worlds After Unexpected Upset From EDG

EDG has unexpectedly won against KT Rolster who seemed like they would go undefeated in Group C. The victory was really important for EDG as it means that they have now punched their own ticket for the quarterfinals and can potentially still leave the group as the first seed. The true losers of this game, however, were not KT Rolster but Team Liquid. Fans were expecting an exciting game between EDG and Team Liquid today which would determine which team would leave the group but now that EDG has beaten KT Rolster there is no way for Team Liquid to catch up.

The start of the game indicated that the game would go as most people expected. KT Rolster got an early lead with which they snowballed the game. However, EDG was not just gonna roll over and lose. They found a perfect mid-game team fight with which they equalized the game. After that fight, the game was fairly even with a lot of back and forth going on between the two teams. However, EDG showed why they are such a good team fighting team with some excellent fights later in the game which gave them such a big advantage that even the Korean super team had no way left to win.

This is probably one of the saddest upsets of Worlds for the Western regions as it means that Team Liquid is simply out of the tournament. It’s a really sad way to go for the team, instead of losing a game with the dignity they were just quietly eliminated from the tournament. Whether Team Liquid could have won against EDG or not is hard to say but it does seem unlikely considering the way that EDG is playing today. They will still need to face each other today but considering that Team Liquid has already been eliminated it’s hard to say how much effort they will put in. For EDG the game against Team Liquid does still matter. Winning against them means that EDG is in contention for first place and will most likely play a tiebreaker against KT Rolster who still need to face off against MAD team.

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