Phong Vũ Buffalo’s Huge Upset Has Completely Shaken Up The Group

Although the Vietnamese team Phong Vũ Buffalo was already eliminated from Worlds they exceptional during their last game and actually managed to win against Flash Wolves in a huge upset victory. The team’s victory means that Flash Wolves does not automatically make it out of groups and that whoever wins between Afreeca Freecs and G2 does. The group that looked quite predetermined earlier can go in any direction now in what is another exciting day of groups at Worlds 2018.

The game between Flash Wolves and Phong Vũ Buffalo started out quite even but the scales quickly tipped in the favor of Flash Wolves as they found kill after kill on the map. Everybody already expected Flash Wolves to win so there was no real surprise there and most people were just waiting for them to close out the game, however, that moment never came.

Out of nowhere, Phong Vũ Buffalo started the baron in what seemed like a desperation play, but instead of desperation, it was genius. Phong Vũ Buffalo had a really good team fighting composition but could never get the fights started, however, once they started baron the Flash Wolves had no choice but to come to Phong Vũ Buffalo who unsurprisingly started and won a fight. This lead to them creating more advantages around the map mopping up kill after kill. It didn’t take long before the Vietnamese team to claim the win in their last game of Worlds.

This is not the first time that we have seen teams that have been previously eliminated seriously shake up the standings. Most of the times these players have nothing more to play for but their pride. It also helps a lot with the nerfs when you know that a loss won’t impact your team at all anymore. One of the most famous instances was when Alliance was poised to make it out of groups but shockingly lost to KaBum! esports which meant that the team ultimately did not make it out.

The next game in the group is going to be one of the most important ones. It’s between G2 and Afreeca Freecs. Whoever wins it will automatically make it out of groups and into the quarterfinals whereas the loser will have to face off against Flash Wolves in a tiebreaker to determine who will be the second team to make it to the quarterfinals.


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