Star Citizen Raises Over $1 Million After Releasing A New Trailer

The developers of Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games, have probably created the most profitable trailer ever. The trailer was for Squadron 42, a new update that will come for the game and has raised over a million dollars for the company after it had been revealed at CitizenCon, a fan convention for Star Citizen. You should definitely watch the absolutely beautiful trailer in case you’ve missed it.

The reason that the trailer actually raised so much money is that Star Citizen is a crowdfunded game and probably the most successful one in history. According to Roberts Space Industries, the parent company of Cloud Imperium Games, a total of $379,254 was donated on the same day that the trailer was released. The day after they raised over $300,000 dollars as well and since then they have raised nearly $200,000 every single day.

This sounds mightily impressive and definitely is much more money than they have raised over the past couple of weeks, however, when compared to the total amount that Star Citizen has already raised, $1 million is extremely little. Star Citizen has already raised an astounding $195,951,315 at the time or writing. $1 million dollars will hardly matter, however, it does indicate that fans are definitely excited for Squadron 42, which must be a great feeling for the developers.

Besides the trailer, there is also another reason why donation might have increased. That is a new attack ship called the Avnil Valkyrie which costs a total of $330. Note that this $330 is just for the ship itself and nothing else, it’s a standalone item. While this might seem excessively expensive for most people, the game has enough of a fan following that there are definitely players out there who would spend that money in a heartbeat.

Although have skyrocketed after Squadron 42 and the Anvil Valkyrie have been revealed, nobody actually knows when they will be live. The developers have stated that both will be part of update 3.3 but a release date has not been announced. Luckily the developers have built up really good relationships with the players so even though no release date has been announced, players will still donate to the company.


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