Cloud9 Wins The First Game For North America After A Huge Comeback

What looked to be another soul-crushing defeat for a North American team suddenly turned into the first win for the entire region after Cloud9 made a miraculous comeback against the hyperaggressive Team Vitality. This game has not only brought back hope to NA but has made group B even more exciting than it already was.

The entire game between Vitality and Cloud9 was honestly fantastic to watch as the game was extremely even for the majority of the duration but both teams still kept fighting each other relentlessly. This mostly comes from Team Vitality who is known as a team that will take any opportunity to fight. If they see a play that could potentially win the game they always go for it no matter the odds. Today that same strategy was also their downfall after the European deathball team finally managed to get a lead against Cloud9.


It all happened around the baron setup for Team Vitality. They are a team that is not extremely good at taking barons when the enemy team is alive and can contest. That’s why Jizuke tried to pick off Cloud9’s jungler Svenskeren. It was a play that could have won Team Vitality the game if it had worked but ultimately resulted in the death of Jizuke. This gave Cloud9 a huge advantage and they managed to take the baron as well as the elder dragon and even killed Team Vitality’s ADC Attila who had been a threat the entire game long without dying. With the buff from baron as well as from the elder dragon it didn’t take Cloud9 too much effort to close out the game and complete the miracle comeback.


This win has made group B, aptly named the group of death a lot more exciting to watch than it was before. Right now both Team Vitality as well as Cloud9 are 1-1 and Gen.G and RNG could potentially go 1-1 as well if Gen.G wins against RNG today, although that is very unlikely.

Although Cloud9 has won the game, Team Vitality showed why they are still one of the most amusing teams attending the tournament. They are not scared to make plays and don’t copy what other teams do. Hopefully, they can keep delivering and show us a fantastic game against tournament favorites RNG tomorrow.


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