Fnatic Crushes 100 Thieves In A Statement First Game At Worlds

The first EU versus NA game of Worlds 2018 was played between Fnatic and 100 Thieves and ended up as a crushing victory for Fnatic and a devastating loss for 100 Thieves. While 1 game won’t decide the EU versus NA meme war, the way in NA’s number 2 seed was defeated is certainly a bad sign for the region.

The game itself started off fairly slow and even with Anda, 100 Thieves’ jungler, actually putting a tad more pressure on the map than Fnatic’s jungler Broxah. However, both 100 Thieves mid lane and bot lane were losing in CS and falling slowly behind. After the 10 minute mark though things really started getting out of hand. Caps managed to secure his first solo kill on Irelia and Fnatic used the pressure that Caps created to snowball the rest of the game into their favor.

What’s most worrying for NA is the enormous difference that was clearly visible between the two teams. Over the past few years, EU and NA were mostly in the same boat, which was losing to Korean and Chinese teams. Of course, one year EU would outperform NA and the other year NA would outperform EU but right now there’s clearly a big difference in power between the number one seed from Europe and the number two seed from NA.

The result wasn’t entirely unexpected though. Many League of Legends fans agree that 100 Thieves is definitely not on the level that a number two seed should be on. They were also kind of disappointing during the last few weeks of the NA LCS Summer Split and even lost during the 3rd place match against TSM.

Coming into the tournament, Fnatic was also a clear favorite to make it out of the group stage which makes the result of this match even more expected as it already was. The number 1 team from EU has clearly made a statement that they are one of the teams to watch out for this tournament. EU as a whole has looked pretty strong as G2 and Vitality have already beaten two of the Korean teams.

However, it’s only day 2 of Worlds and it’s not particularly useful to make huge predictions solely based on the result of the few games that have been played until now. There might still be hope for NA as Team Liquid looked quite decent yesterday despite losing to KT Rolster and Cloud9 is up against Vitality which gives NA another shot to prove they’re just as powerful as EU is. Stay tuned for more new on Worlds as the tournament goes on.

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