Bastion’s Halloween Terror Emote Is The Best Emote In The Game

With the Halloween Terror event now officially live we have finally seen all the other Halloween cosmetics, emotes, and icons that were not previously revealed by Blizzard. Now that we have all this new Halloween stuff we can say, without a doubt, that Bastion officially has the best emote that the game has ever seen.

The emote that we are talking about is obviously Bastion’s new zombiewalk emote. You will most likely have seen this emote is you have spent a single second on the Overwatch subreddit today as it has already been posted multiple times. It was first posted by u/Bananaking1337 and is probably the best thing you will see today.

Note that the most adorable thing about the emote is not solely Bastion walking around like a zombie, it’s also his lovely bird friend Ganymede walking around with him. Another Redditor by the name of u/alt48931 quickly pointed out that not only does she walk alongside him, sometimes she has to fly a little just to catch up with Bastion considering he walks a bit faster than her. Just this tiny detail has made the entire emote even better than it already was.

This emote has obviously done well within the community but it’s not the only Halloween Terror item that has raised a lot of attention. It was also quickly discovered that when Pharah dies while wearing her new legendary Enchanted Armor skin she has a very peculiar death animation. Instead of dying normally, the armor just falls apart.

Another thing that was discovered was an interesting tidbit on Wrecking Balls Jack-o’-lantern skin as instead of normal bullets, he actually fires gum packs. Sadly his mines don’t turn into pumpkins but we can’t have everything.

It’s really great to see Blizzard going the extra mile while creating the new Halloween Skins and other Halloween items. They have really outdone themselves this time and we have probably received some of the best skins we got in a really long time. Hopefully, the Christmas skins will be on such a similarly fantastic level.


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