Guerilla Hires Two Multiplayer Designers For Unannounced ‘Secret Game’

Guerilla Games has hired two prominent game designers whose expertise centers on multiplayer, sparking speculation as to what the studio behind mass hit Horizon: Zero Dawn is working on behind the scenes.

The first hire is Simon Larouche, a veteran Guerilla employee who left the company in 2009 to work with Ubisoft on Rainbow Six Siege only to return earlier this year. His LinkedIn profile notes his position as game director on an as yet unannounced title with the description ‘Secret Game is Secret!’

Guerilla Hires Two Multiplayer Designers For Unannounced ‘Secret Game’

Up next is Chris Lee, another Rainbow Six Siege dev whose specialty is online and multiplayer design and joins Guerilla as principal game designer. His LinkedIn profile also cites an ‘unannounced game’.

These two hires stand out for their multiplayer based expertise backed up by the pedigree of the highly successful Rainbow Six Siege, which has cemented a place among the most popular eSports. This suggests Guerilla is working on the next Sony big budget release with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer. Alongside speculation the studio may be returning to the tactical FPS Killzone franchise with a new release in the pipeline, many think a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn is also a possibility incorporating a multiplayer online constituent part more or less similar to Rainbow Six Siege.

Guerilla Hires Two Multiplayer Designers For Unannounced ‘Secret Game’

Guerilla is notoriously guarded when it comes to unveiling new projects so speculation remains just that at this point. These two targeted recruits could nevertheless be the first clue the studio is working on a multiplayer based title, with even the potential for a new IP other than Killzone and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Given Guerilla recent success and subsequent expansion, we can’t discount the developer working on two games simultaneously either.

Props to ResetEra forum users for picking up on the scoop first.

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